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"I want to be able to scale with excellence and quality to $50 million."

Timothy Initiative with Panel
Our expert panel will outline what business owners and leaders need to know about vaccinations in the workplace
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Join us for a 45-minute panel discussion followed by 15 minutes of Q&A

The Timothy Initiative wants to ambitiously scale worldwide operations.

Dr. Jared Nelms

Dr. Jared Nelms, CEO of The Timothy Initiative

Dr. Jared Nelms, CEO, provides direction and vision to The Timothy Initiative's global church planting strategy. He highly values operating in the sweet spot between the board room and grassroots-level work.

Our expert panel dives deep into the inner workings of The Timothy Intiative to help find strategic and tactical recommendations to help the organization fulfill its mission on a greater scale.


Since this webinar was pre-recorded and we will be live for the Q&A, Jared will give an update on what he has accomplished with the panel's recommendations, and how their implementation has impacted the organization.