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Engagement Summary

Vera Whole Health's rapid growth required a new strategy as well as leadership capable of scaling implementation support. This engagement resulted in a revised operational structure and smart-sheet-based project management tools that enabled a scalable process to support opening new clinic locations. 

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Business Situation

Vera Whole Health's mission is to help people achieve optimum social, psychological and physical well-being. Rapid expansion placed a strain on the team's ability to deploy resources and implement new sites to meet the increased demand for Vera's model. This translated to Vera’s growth rate increasing exponentially over two years and created the need to think strategically about how they could sustain their rapid growth. Specifically, Vera sought to revise their approach to implementing new sites and enhance their ability to double and triple the number of new sites they could implement annually.

OneAccord Solution

Jim Kodjababian walked through a three-component process with Vera's leadership team:
  • Component A: Gain an understanding of Vera's vision and their approach to the implementation of new sites.
  • Component B: Select a preferable model for implementation and going live.
  • Component C: Implement the preferred go-live model.
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This three-component process resulted in the reduction of incremental staff required by the previous process to cover resource gaps, and created a consistent understanding related to the status of each new site. With a revised operational structure and new project management tools, Vera was able to scale their process and provide the necessary support to their rapidly increasing number of new clinic locations.