Solomons Fund Investors?

Learn Our Key Differentiators

About Our Fund

The name of our first fund is Solomons Fund Manager I LLC. Solomons Fund, as we refer to it, consists of a handful of local entrepreneurs, all experienced running their own business. Our approach is that of an operator vs. a financial buyer.

Solomons Fund will pursue the acquisition of excellent companies until we have either purchased six companies or deployed $25 million in equity. We intend to use appropriate leverage on portfolio companies and run them long term with a focus on building value within a culture built on bibical values.

Bridging The Gap

With an unprecedented number of owners reaching retirement age (Baby Boomers were eager entrepreneurs), businesses are going up for sale in record numbers. Buyers, however, are not in equal supply. Solomons Fund is working to bridge this gap.

Protecting Legacy

The average investment firm flips a company within a few years. This creates hesitation in business owners concerned with their legacy. Solomon's Fund protects this legacy by retaining talent and committed to maintaining a long-term growth perspective for every business.

Ensuring Legacy

Traditional capital often wants former owners to move on after they sell, but we see owners as a valuable and vital part of a successful transition.

We’re seeking organizations that are not sought after by traditional capital. These are companies with ownership who value people, community, and commitment, companies built upon a values-based worldview. We are looking to build great companies and foster trusting relationships with employees, vendors, customers, and shareholders.

The Solomons Fund Advantage

What Makes Our Fund Different?

Traditional capital often wants former owners to move on after they sell, but we see owners as a valuable and vital part of a successful transition. Click below to learn more about our unique fund.

  • Fund Expertise: Operational, hands-on
  • Acquisition Threshold: Target acquisitions are $5-$20 million in revenue and $1-$1.75 million in EBITDA
  • Exit Strategy: Long term growth perspective
  • Legacy: Built on your legacy, honoring the past.
  • Owners Equity: Looking for new owners to invest in the new company at a minority level.
  • Human Capital:Building human capital is a primary goal.
  • Time Horizon: Healthy, enduring growth; 10+ year investment plan
  • Risk Mitigation: Access to strong operation executives, consulting expertise and investor networks, increasing odds of success
  • Social Impact: Profits are a result of healthy business; the goal is growth in both human capital and community benefit
  • Fund Expertise: Financial Focus
  • Acquisition Threshold: Many firms are not interested in companies with less than $50 million in revenue.
  • Exit Strategy: Leverage, trim, grow and flip in 5-7 years
  • Legacy: What's been built may or may not be relevant.
  • Owners Equity Typically no stake for current owners.
  • Human Capital:Leadership development only a means to an end
  • Time Horizon:Countdown to exit
  • Risk Mitigation: Financial means only; think operational resources
  • Social Impact: Profit is an end unto itself.