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Structured Board Development

It may have been a single engineer who invented the jet engine or an independent entrepreneur who brought Italian coffee to the United States, but it was a board that turned then-defense contractor Boeing into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of passenger aircraft in 1952, and it was a board that wooed Howard Schultz back to lead the turnaround of Starbucks in 2008.

Boards offer experience in uncharted territory, perspective in confusion and guidance in seasons of prosperity. Retaining a board is indispensable — establishing yours is what we do best.

What? | OneAccord Structured Board Development

OneAccord organizes quarterly board meetings led by experts to optimize sales, marketing, operations, finance, culture and strategic leadership at a fractional cost. We contribute up to three board members who take non-voting positions focused on building business value and providing accountability.

Why Change? | OneAccord Structured Board Development

Multiple Disciplines, Multiple Perspectives

The importance of diverse perspectives during decision-making cannot be overstated, but inviting the right voices to the table requires experienced professionals from multiple disciplines.

When the right talent fills your seats, your board can identify blind spots, improve buyer credibility and reduce a company’s dependence on its owner.

Why Now? | OneAccord Structured Board Develpment

A company with mature foundational roots is poised to maximize its value — but establishing these roots takes time.

A board’s oversight can take a business’s valuation to the next level.

Why Invest? | OneAccord Structured Board Development

Reduce Risk, Build Value

A board is a stabilizing force. It reduces risk by providing diverse viewpoints, shaped by experience, that bring clarity to important decisions. A board also allows an owner to remain focused on building value and reduces reliance on the owner as the sole guiding force.

The impact of a quality board is widely understood, making it a major contributor to increased business valuation.

Why OneAccord? | OneAccord Structured Board Development

Plug-and-Play Structure and Process

OneAccord Partners is a consortium of established business owners — not consultants — who partner with owners of privately held businesses to increase enterprise value. Our combined leadership of more than 200 companies has given us firsthand understanding of vendors, sales, financials, supply chain, distribution and culture.

We offer a plug-and-play solution to structured board development that follows an established structure and process. Owners retain full control while minimizing risk.

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