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Strategic Planning


Every successful organization understands the importance of a clear strategy, but statistics show two-thirds of strategic initiatives never make it to implementation. Harvard Business Review reports the average ROI on most strategic planning initiatives is 34 percent or less, while Kaplan & Norton found 90 percent of organizations fail to successfully implement their strategies.

That’s why OneAccord approaches strategic planning as a process, not an event. To us, success means a good outcome, not just a good plan.



Our structured, integrated playbook is based on core tenets we call the Fundamental Elements of Success. It includes a three-year vision and one-year action plan which crystalize mission, values, specific initiative resource planning, a communication plan and dashboarding.

Our variable, fractional or project cost models add expertise without adding headcount.

Why invest

Why Invest

The Economist found 61 percent of companies underperform at key strategic activities due to poor execution. Facilitated planning promotes team alignment by empowering outside perspectives and adding seasoned expertise to the team without increasing headcount.

We deliver timely guidance to companies of varied sizes at prices they can afford.

Why now

Why Now

Establishing real change that builds lasting value takes time. Our team of tenured business owners works with company leadership to prioritize initiatives and resources that contribute to the highest value return. And our carefully structured, strategic planning process enables businesses to react more quickly to market changes, improving their competitiveness — and value — in the marketplace.

Why Change

Good is the enemy of great. Focusing your operations strategically empowers teams to deliver the results that multiply business value.

A clear, strategic plan improves speed to implementation, but not at the expense of running day-to-day operations.

Improve your speed. Refine your focus.

Why OneAccord?

OneAccord follows a structured process for guiding leaders through strategic planning based on the Foundational Elements of Success.

Our process is spearheaded by seasoned business owners who specialize in privately held and family-owned business, and our combined leadership experience at hundreds of companies has given us firsthand understanding of vendors, sales, financials, supply chain, distribution, culture and more.

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