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We serve businesses by finding the right talent for the job. We serve professionals by preparing them for the right opportunity.

Our chief recruiting Principals have developed and perfected a proprietary hiring process that goes beyond a simple review of experience to identify and prove qualified candidates. Hiring happens within an average of 70 days, less than half the time of a typical search. And 98.7% of these hires remain in their position for more than a year — typically more than two.

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OneAccord offers full-service, tailored recruiting services that not only identify top talent for our clients' needs, but find the right fit through a consultative, collaborative approach, personal attention and proven methodologies.

Having the skills for a job is only part of the equation. Cultural fit and expectations for a career pathway are also key ingredients to a successful hire. 

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Our process begins with a thorough understanding of the business’ history, current state and future goals to determine how the desired role is in alignment with the organization's goals and objectives.

Our team then comes alongside the company’s hiring leadership to develop a job description and proper market compensation parameters. We present the opportunity to the market using customized, proven methods to attract the best talent for the job, and deliver the top candidates to the client on a single, agreed-upon day for interviews and hiring. The offer is presented by a OneAccord Principal and delivered to our client upon signing. We stay alongside the client and candidate to ensure success over subsequent months — usually years — to come.

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Once a candidate has been identified, we take them through a thorough assessment process. This starts with an informal conversation and, if we detect potential alignment with the opportunity, proceeds to a candidate assessment and in-person interview with one or more OneAccord Principals. If chosen for an opportunity, the candidate then performs varied forms of career reflection, including interview coaching, presentation skills, compensation negotiations and other skills that lead to proven abilities and a successful hire.

Finally, we wrap things up by negotiating the placement, compensation, benefits, etc. with the chosen candidate. We also make sure the candidates who were not chosen for the role are confident and prepared for a future opportunity.

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Business leaders know success rises and falls based on getting the right people in the right positions. The value of your business tomorrow will be determined by the people you hire today.

Professionals never know when change will occur. With today’s high rate of mergers and acquisitions, it may happen sooner than you think — and it’s important to be ready when opportunity knocks. Anyone actively engaged in their career must remain diligent to ensure they are consistently optimizing their potential and doing what is best for their career.

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Our team has come alongside companies and individuals for more than 20 years to create quality long-term opportunities which assist companies’ continued growth and optimization as well as individuals’ advancement of their skills, abilities and ideal career outcomes.

We are sitting at the helm of opportunity on a daily basis. Prime opportunities and talent are at our fingertips, available for introductions and opportunity.