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Operational Execution


Getting the right people on the bus is easier said than done — especially when ownership changes will eventually create a vacancy at the top.

Our operational execution services are designed to infuse great companies with the operational talent they need, when they need it.



OneAccord provides fractional and/or interim operational execution for leadership roles, including CEO, president, chief operating officer, general manager, and vice president of sales and/or marketing.

After formulating a plan, we are able to step in and walk alongside you to help execute that plan.

Why invest

Why Invest

Operational execution by OneAccord decreases risk from transition and expedites results.

As a variable cost investment, our involvement eliminates the risk of a wrong permanent hire and allows for gradual transition, eliminating the cultural risk of an abrupt change of leadership.

Why now

Why Now

Mature foundational roots have proven to produce an evident increase in value. Competent operational execution is vital to the growth of healthy roots, but the full impact of operational optimization takes 18-36 months to be fully realized.

Simply put, tomorrow’s fruit requires action today.

Why Change

Operational execution from OneAccord provides access to experienced, transformational leadership free of political or personal agenda.

Our involvement reduces the business's owner dependence and builds value by developing a robust management team. Deployment is fast, scalable, affordable and built for transition.

Why OneAccord?

OneAccord is a consortium of experienced business owners who follow a proven, structured process and pull from their leadership experience at hundreds of companies.

Our talented professionals aren’t trying to climb the ladder, aren’t vying for a job and tell the truth — all to drive value for the business owner.

Our only agenda is yours.

How can we help your organization thrive?

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