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Most nonprofits struggle with money, but a few are thriving. It’s a challenge to attract and retain excellent board members and executive directors, but a few enjoy quality leadership. The difference between organizations which continue to struggle and those that learn to thrive comes down to knowing and implementing specific principles.

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Without leadership, donors lose confidence, volunteers burn out, vision becomes vague and the mission is compromised. Leadership is always demanding, but even more so for a nonprofit leader.

Whether serving as executive director or a board member, the nonprofit leader is asked to engage in an intricate dance where two sources of leadership, board and executive management, must share authority while maintaining distinct, separate responsibilities and deferring to one another. Both need each other, and the entire organization stands or falls on the success of their relationship.

We understand the challenge and the importance of the role you are called to fulfill. We’ll be happy to help you learn the dance.

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Nothing happens without funding. And as baby boomers’ wealth continues to pass from the scene, increasing numbers of nonprofits are competing for fewer dollars. It can be exhausting, an endless uphill battle to secure adequate funding.

OneAccord’s development professionals help leaders transform organizational scarcity into abundance. It starts with an evaluation that allows us to shape a clear, effective communication strategy to inspire donors and shape future delivery. We understand why donors give big and we help organizations align their thinking and practice accordingly, thereby opening a future for your organization that may have seemed out of reach.


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Strategic Planning

A great strategic plan is not enough. Virtually every company and nonprofit organization has one. Yet studies show that, on average, barely more than 30 percent of the goals set in strategic planning are ever achieved. OneAccord guides nonprofit leaders to approach strategic planning as a process, not an event, and we pursue results — not just a plan. We will help achieve sustained focus and alignment of your people, resources and processes, all without adding staff.

Effective strategic planning also enables the often slow-moving nonprofit to react nimbly to the unexpected, improving their ability to make a difference and stand strong through times of uncertainty.

Why OneAccord

Chronic difficulty with funding, leadership or board governance is usually symptomatic of a deeper issue. We understand. Not only have we been there, we work alongside leaders and boards to help them through the challenges that arise and threaten to overwhelm even the most competent leaders.

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