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We're Always Looking for Like-Minded Individuals

 With OneAccord, you can enjoy the company of like-minded peers while providing greater value to your clients.

The Team Interview Process

The OneAccord interview process is both comprehensive and mutual, with an emphasis on providing all relevant information on the front end and only then moving forward as long as there is strong mutual interest at every step.

How It Works

Send your resume to

Upon review of your experience we will send a set of introductory videos and information about OneAccord.

We will send you a presentation that details the OneAccord business model, which is focused on compensation, business development and building a practice. We follow this with an informative interview to address any remaining questions you may have and to understand your personal goals and objectives.

We will schedule an interview with a member of our team to discuss your background experience, perspectives and goals.

If there is strong mutual agreement up to this point, we will follow up with the remaining informational materials which overview OneAccord Capital and the equity structure.