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About Us

Discover how OneAccord has helped organizations across the Pacific Northwest — and the nation — achieve extraordinary results.

Our Principals understand how to run a business. We are former CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs who have been through the storms of leadership. Each of us is a proven operator.

OneAccord’s growing team comes from a diverse array of industries, regions, backgrounds and specific expertise in building value. Together, we offer the talent, processes and aligned values that create success.

We aren’t trying to climb a corporate ladder. Our primary goal is to build lasting value in your business.

Leadership Team

Jeff Rogers


Originally from Edmonds, WA, Jeff graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in finance. He is Chairman for OneAccord, which he founded after 20 years with The Southwestern Company.

Jeff’s work...

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John Kaminski

Partner/Managing Director

John Kaminski has over 25 years experience in sales and marketing. He began his sales career with Xerox and went on to work in the medical device industry prior to starting his own business. John has been...

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Richard Brune

Managing Partner

Richard Brune is a sales and marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in building and managing some of America’s most recognizable consumer brands.

Richard has an unbroken record of substantial...

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Tina Schaaf

Managing Partner

Tina has more than 20 years of experience as a leader in multiple industries around the world. She is known for achieving success and driving growth through sound guidance and expert strategies.

Tina developed...

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Tom Dabasinskas

Managing Partner

Tom Dabasinskas has spent over 28 years helping individuals and teams in the nonprofit sector reach their personal and professional potential. He has helped both small and large organizations identify their...

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John Aiello


John comes to OneAccord with an impressive background of global leadership, sales and business development, engineering, manufacturing and materials that enables him to take a wholistic approach to revenue and...

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Jim Amandus


For 30 years, Jim has served as the lead pastor of Highlands Community Church, which has grown from a neighborhood congregation of 700 to a regional ministry with over 2,000 people attending, 35 staff members,...

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Larry Andrews


Larry Andrews joins the OneAccord team as a passionate leader with more than 30 years of executive, general manager P&L and operational management experience in both for-profit (two Fortune 50 companies) and...

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Matt Childs

President at Sapper Insurance

Currently serving in the role of president at Sapper Insurance.

Matt is a proven leader who understands how to move targets across the finish line. His strong work ethic was developed as an engineer officer in...

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Randal Dick

Nonprofit Principal

Randal has more than 25 years of experience leading high performance teams, leading change from the boardroom to the front line.

Randal’s passion and education converge around organizational health. He defines...

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Scot Evans


Scot Evans is an experienced sales and marketing professional with 30+ years of experience in key sales and management positions with an emphasis on helping brands grow revenue and market share. His channel...

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Zane Geel

COO at Pallet SPC

Zane is currently serving as chief operating officer for Pallet SPC.

Zane has over 30 years of experience as the owner and CEO of a residential construction company in Seattle as well as vice president of...

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Pete Goldsmith


Pete has enjoyed a career spanning 20 years, during which he has lived on three continents and visited two more. The bulk of his experience has been within manufacturing, focused on the aerospace, space and...

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Stefan Haney


Stefan is a business and technology leader with more than two decades of experience in e-commerce, software development and supply chain. Stefan is the managing principal of Vantage International, a business...

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Mark Hulak

Executive M&A Advisor

Mark has over 25 years of international experience in corporate development, M&A banking, private equity and operations at such multinational firms as Microsoft, BEA Systems, Hewlett Packard, J.P. Morgan and...

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Alex Johnson


Alex has spent the last decade leading in large multisite churches across the country, where he discovered that he loves leading and helping others lead through major organizational transition. A...

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Brian Jorgenson

Executive M&A Advisor

Brian has nearly 15 years of experience working in a variety of finance and strategy roles in Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, Eaton Vance and Washington Mutual. Brian is passionate about using his...

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Sandy Keenan


Sandy has a long and diverse work history as a results-driven business advisor to top-level management across a wide variety of industries. Her experience includes time with larger companies, such as Philips,...

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Jim Kodjababian

COO at Frontier Derm Partners

Jim is currently serving in the role of chief operating officer for Frontier Derm Partners.

Jim Kodjababian is an expert business builder and operational game changer who specializes in driving healthcare...

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John Krpan


For more than 25 years, John has helped people improve the metrics of their business and find a path forward in complex situations. While John began his career creating feasibility studies in the oil and gas...

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Andrew Larsen

Director of Business Development

Andrew started his career in the public service sector nearly 20 years ago and he has since moved up through multiple management roles across different industries.

In addition to public service, Andrew’s...

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Darin Leonard

CEO at BestWorth

Darin is currently serving as the CEO of BestWorth.

Darin Leonard is a purpose-centered leader with decades of executive experience. From leading teams in the Fortune 500 to running both institutionally owned...

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Matt McKillop


Matt McKillop brings more than two decades of experience in strategic communications, development and advancement. He has deep experience in campaign planning and communications, major gifts strategy, donor...

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Lowell Millard

CEO at Lone Wolf Distributors Inc.

Lowell is currently serving in the role of CEO for Lone Wolf Distributors Inc.

Lowell Millard is a C-level business executive with 35 years experience, predominantly in manufacturing and distribution. He has...

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Mike Moroney

CEO at Skyline Engineered Systems

Mike is currently serving as the CEO of Skyline Engineered Systems.

Mike has spent the last 20 years leading middle market companies as either CEO or chief operating officer (COO). Over the course of his...

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Dan Peddie

Nonprofit Principal

Dan Peddie has 41 years of involvement in nonprofit organizations. He has worked at all levels of fundraising development – capital campaigns, planned giving, annual funds, special events, outreach programs,...

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Carl Poteete

CEO at Inland Tarp & Liner, LLC

Carl is currently serving as the CEO of Inland Tarp & Liner (ITL™), LLC.

As a successful senior business leader for over 25 years, Carl Poteete has worked in multiple industries including commercial high tech,...

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Scott Smith

CEO at FarWest Fabricators

Scott is currently serving in the role of CEO at FarWest Fabricators.

Scott Smith has an extensive performance history in creating revenue. His revenue experience covers two decades of implementing sales and...

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John Steckler


John Steckler is a highly successful growth strategist. For over 30 years he has led the sales and marketing efforts for many Northwest and national companies

John brings to the table a true general management...

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Brad Thomson


As a performance counselor and sales trainer, Brad has led workshops and personal transformation for thousands of individuals and organizations. He has provided coaching services to global companies such as...

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Chris Venti


Chris Venti is a seasoned operations executive with 30+ years’ experience in key management positions in a variety of industries, with an emphasis on developing efficient operations in manufacturing. His...

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Solomons Fund

Our investment fund acquires profitable, privately-held businesses in the Pacific Northwest.

Unlike many private equity firms, our vision is long-term. We plan to hold the company and grow it, preserving and expanding the legacy of the previous owner and bringing about strong returns for our investors over time.

Our Mission

Building Value, Built on Values

Our Values

Truth, Compassion, Service

 Our ultimate goal is to serve. Whether it's our clients, communities, networks or families, we serve by utilizing our skills, knowledge and experience to deliver value that lasts.

It all starts with the truth. The truth isn't always pretty and is often inconvenient, but we never shy away. As experts, our Principals cut to the heart of your unique situation to determine what your business needs. And as operators, we've been there. We know what it means to stand in your shoes, which leads us to communicate the unyielding truth with compassion.


Talent and Experience

Our extensive network spans the Pacific Northwest and includes some of the most in-demand, proven leaders from a wide variety of organizations. The diverse experience of this network gives us a tremendous capacity to create the ideal team by leveraging the strengths of our members to provide exceptional service to our clients.

We're Always Looking for Like-Minded Individuals

With OneAccord, you can enjoy the company of like-minded peers while providing greater value to your clients.


The Team Interview Process

The OneAccord interview process is both comprehensive and mutual, with an emphasis on providing all relevant information on the front end and only then moving forward as long as there is strong mutual interest at every step.

What Does a Career with OneAccord Look Like?

If you believe you're interested in further exploring a career at OneAccord, contact us at careers (at) oneaccord.co.