Who Executes Strategy?


By Lori Michele Leavitt

Guest Writer

This post originally appeared on Collaborative Action and is reprinted here with the author's permission.

Who in your organization has a role in executing strategy? Answer: everyone.

Who in your organization has a clear understanding of how they fit strategy (encompassing vision, values, purpose, future-look, strategic game plan, strategic direction and strategic objectives)? Your answer indicates if there is momentum, or a stall, in your future.

Good leaders gather together their leadership team, create a winning strategy and a detailed action/execution plan, often translate what they can of the strategic plan into budgets, share those budgets and then spend a lot of time motivating others and seeking their buy-in.

In an organization with good leadership, it is not uncommon to find that any individual not on the leadership team is never privy to strategy. Yet they are expected to execute brilliantly. People want to do their best, but by not being clear you are, in essence, expecting them to push a rope.

Great leaders gather together the leadership team aimed at creating a winning strategy and then communicate this strategy in a way that best ensures that those closest to the work and customers can choose the best next steps toward executing strategy brilliantly. These leaders prepare and nurture a culture for aligned momentum.

In an organization with great leadership, it is not uncommon to find those not on the leadership team stepping up and speaking out, within their teams and across teams, because they understand how they are a valued part in the brilliant execution of strategy.

Which do you choose? Which is reality right now? Thoughts?

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Lori Michele Leavitt infuses nimble practices into grownup companies, and helps fast-growth startups grow into the larger business with a culture they thrive in. This translates into work environments that are collaborative, innovative, engaged and value-focused.

Lori brings her passion and action-oriented methods to life through speaking, consulting, coaching and technology. She specializes in performance and risk management, and has worked with hundreds of leaders and their organizations.

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Published: 04/17/2018

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