Thanksgiving 2019

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It's getting crazy around OneAccord as everybody prepares to step away from work later this week and spend some quality time with friends and family. In that spirit, we're taking a break from our regularly scheduled blog post.

In the middle of all these bustling preparations for the holiday season, we'd like to pause and express our sincere thanks. 

Every business owner is unique, and every one has different goals, but many of them overlap when you look at the big picture. We work with owners who ultimately want to build a legacy that will outlive them, something they can leave behind, pass on to a new generation to better a future where their grandkids can point proudly to a business that has contributed to the success of its customers, employees and community. Many owners also want the stability of a strong business that will weather the storms of life and business to enable them to buy a house, send the kids to college, provide for a well-earned retirement and live their own vision of the American Dream. 

The work we do, sure, it contributes to the economy, employment, social fabric ... But it's more than that. We've seen marriages heal and whole families change because the underlying issues causing failure in the business were confronted, stopped and turned around. A privately owned company is much more than a business. It's an extension of the people who built it. These are the people we serve. It's an honor to do so and the work is life-giving for us.

So to all of you who come here for insights, who engage in conversations, who refer your friends and colleagues or share our content, to those of you who have allowed us the honor of walking alongside you to achieve your goals:

Thank you.


Published: 11/26/2019

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