Successful Salespeople Do the Hard Work that Makes Selling Easy

successful salespeople do the hard work

People spend a fortune — in cash and time — attending courses, buying material, listening to talks, downloading stuff and buying DVDs in an attempt to learn the latest selling skills that become popular as a result of changes in the economy and updates in technology.

This is good thing, I believe, as long as we do not miss one critical factor. In 30 years of selling, conducting sales trainings and attending sales courses and talks, this is the most common factor I have witnessed. It is a common thread through the books and DVDs that I have ingested, and is ultimately the number one factor that differentiates success and failure: FHW.

Got it? FHW! Get this right and I predict that no matter what product you’re selling, no matter what ticket price it carries, no matter what selling techniques you are employing, no matter whether your sparkling personality is on show or not, no matter what sales cycle your industry experiences — get this right and you will sell more. FHW.

So what is FHW? Flipping Hard Work.

Ask yourself:

  1. Are you doing enough prospecting?
  2. Are making the actual prospecting calls?
  3. Are you doing the research so you know what to say and when?
  4. Are planning and practicing your meetings in advance?
  5. Are you learning your scripts?
  6. Are you putting in the hours?
  7. Are you doing the numbers?
  8. Are you actually doing the job of a successful salesperson?

Emotional intelligence, motivation, selling skills and the best products in the world mean nothing if you, as the salesperson, are not in front of enough buyers at any given point. You won’t sell to an empty chair and no one celebrates great order-takers.

And maybe therein lies the challenge. We are so quick to celebrate the closes — maybe we should spend significantly more time than we currently do celebrating the activities as well. Obviously commissions are paid on closed deals, I get it, but you’ll never close a meeting that only you attend.

Go on and celebrate everything you went through to get that appointment in the first place. Up your activities and I guarantee you’ll up your closes and your sales.

Just a thought.

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Brad Thomson

OneAccord Principal Brad Thomson emigrated to the United States from South Africa in 2019. He is a sales leader and a pastor with a passion for seeing people live up to their fullest potential.

As a salesman with experience in investment products, furniture, IT, life insurance and short-term insurance, Brad has sold goods ranging from the unseen (insurance) to the misunderstood (IT). Brad's passion to see people develop their potential led him to study human resources, then open and run his own recruitment consultancy. As a cosultant, he helped people and businesses thrive by finding the right fit for their unique situation. Click here to learn more about Brad.

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Published: 11/12/2019

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