Resources for Busy Business Leaders August 2017

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There's no end to learning when it comes to leading. People are complicated, the professional landscape is ever in flux and marketing is a hard and time consuming task for any business owner or leader. The posts, video and podcasts below offer insights into how to manage these different areas by looking ahead, planning and focusing finite resources where they will count the most.

1. Preparing for a New Era of Work

With a shortage of skills in a globally competitive environment, businesses are adapting how they utilize their workforce in three major ways: breaking down jobs into specialist niches, leveraging technology for remote teams and expanding the use of highly skilled professionals on a contingent basis. This article from McKinsey & Company examines what these methods mean for managers and what steps business leaders can take to stay ahead of the curve.

2. Podcast: Four Behaviors of Top-Performing CEOs

This 30-minute episode from the Harvard Business Review podcast features an enlightening conversation with Elena Botelho, a researcher who spent 10 years on the CEO Genome Project. Her research debunked many commonly held beliefs surrounding leadership and highlighted four specific characteristics good leaders share in the real world.

Listen or read the full transcript.

3. Video: How to Leverage Data to Prioritize Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

This half-hour video from ISB Insider looks into how to leverage data to guide your marketing and sales efforts. It walks through how to create an effective ideal customer profile and use it to focus your efforts strategically to get the best ROI from your sales and marketing efforts.

4. Podcast: How to Write Copy that Sells

In this podcast, author and copywriter Ray Edwards discusses how to write persuasively for your various marketing channels. In this 40-minute interview, Edwards differentiates between persuasion and manipulation and their effect on an audience, the purpose of sales copy, five keys to developing the all-important headline or subject line, three different ways to make an offer irresistible and more.

5. Amazing Social Media Customer Service Examples (And What You Can Learn From Them)

Social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to delighting your customers and letting them talk you up to their own audiences. Marketing your brand becomes a natural outcome of incredible customer service on a platform uniquely situated to fast responses and the chance to let your organization's personality shine. This post from Buffer offers 14 examples of extraordinary, empathetic and just plain fun customer engagements on social media and, as the headline states, what we can all learn from them.

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Published: 07/31/2017

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