Resources for Business Owners: September 2018


Resources for leaders sept 2018

If you only read 7 (or fewer) things this month, pick them from these. Once more, we've scoured the internet for videos, podcasts and posts and selected a handful that offer good insight, advice and practical pointers on leading better.

1. Video: 16 of the Dumbest Content Marketing Mistakes We're Still Making

This six-minute video from Forbes contributor David Spark covers common mistakes even the experts still make. Along the way, he debunks some common mistunderstandings and sheds light on surprising principles (i.e. long-form content outperforms short). You'll probably recognize some of your own mistakes in here, so recognize you are not alone and then go shape up your marketing.

2. Post: The Midlife Crisis is a Myth. Why Life Gets Better After 50

The Guardian rebuffs five common misconceptions about middle age and digs into what economists have dubbed the U-shaped happiness curve. Given what popular culture says about the glories of youth, this article may be surprising — and hopefully encouraging since the best years haven't passed us by while we were building our businesses, but really are yet to come.

3. Post: Why You Need Two Chiefs in the Room

This long read from First Round dives into the topic of the chief of staff role, starting with who does — and who does not — need one in their company. This post uses real-world examples to spell out what to expect from a CoS (spoiler alert: it depends on what you need and where you're at), quirks of the role, benefits for the person who takes it on (unequivocal training, for example) and how to find the right person, train them and transition them on to a bigger and better role when the time is right.

4. Post: We Have Reached Peak Screen. Now Revolution Is in the Air.

As business owners everywhere grapple to leverage mobile devices in their marketing, efforts are being made to pull your target market away from the screen. This piece from The New York Times digs into the reason we're so helpless when it comes to getting sucked into our screens and backlash it's leading to — namely, changing how software is made and how we interact with it in order to get us to look up.

As an example of hardware changes designed to tackle the zombie effect our phones are having on us, check out this post from BBC Future: 'The New Phones That Are Stuck In the Past'

5. Podcast: How Do I Build My Brand?

This 35-minute episode from the Launch Youniversity podcast features Andy and Brittany Thoms, founders of See.Spark.Go. They explain how everything you do is PR, whether it's email, social media, a handshake — everything, and how to spell out your story, your purpose and your brand to ultimately attract more customers.

6. Post: Work Less, Get More: New Zealand Firm's Four-Day Week an 'Unmitigated Success'

Is the four-day work week the answer to increased productivity? The Guardian published a report on the outcome of an experimental four-day work week conducted by a New Zealand business. Employees were still paid for five days and played an integral part in designing the experiment. The results appear to show increased job enjoyment and performance as well as increased work-life balance and lower stress levels among employees.

7. Podcast: How to Stop Mental Exhaustion So You Can Work Smarter

Bonnie St. John is an Olympic medalist and leadership consultant who boils success down to your ability to recover. In this 47-minute episode from the Building a Storybrand podcast, she breaks down how to win — in sports and in business leadership — without backing down, burning out, giving up or making yourself (and your family) miserable.


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Published: 09/04/2018

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