Resources for Business Owners: October 2019

Resources Oct 2019

According to, the Jack O'Lanterns originated with the Irish in honor of a slick fellow called Jack, who wandered the earth with only a lantern carved out of a turnip to light his way. What better use could there be for a grinning pumpkin than reading through resources for business leaders? 

We try to keep it practical, so this month we're looking at a repeatable process for funding a nonprofit, examining your options when it comes to selling your business and retiring, handling the double-edged sword that is technology, and leading your people in such a way that they voluntarily make the rules you would like to see guide their conduct.

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1. Video: Creating sustainable funding for your nonprofit

This video offers step-by-step guidance through a proven model that cultivates long-term, repeating donations for mission-centered organizations. The speaker covers how to invite people into your mission, get great value from those who choose not to support your mission financially, find your donors and continue to invite and inspire people to invite their friends into partnership with you and your mission. From Benevon, 56 minutes What would it take for your nonprofit to thrive?


2. Post: The fifth commandment of family business succession: Know whether to sell or transfer

The question of whether to sell your business or transfer it to the next generation does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. This post distills the various aspects you'll want to consider in light of your unique situation, as well as some of the options that exist for the route you choose. From Forbes


3. Podcast: How to digitally declutter (without taking the nuclear option)

The technologies we use every day are having a negative impact on our brains and abilities, but the benefits are so great that giving them up isn't a viable option. The good news is we don't have to. This interview is about how to declutter our digital devices so that we can leverage the benefits of technology without letting it compromise our performance or kill our productivity. From the Building a StoryBrand podcast, 37 mins.


4. Post: Your small business survival guide for if (and when) the economy slows down

We don't know exactly when the next recession will arrive, or how big it will be. Since we know recessions are cyclical, however, it never hurts to be prepared. This post presents a few basic principals that will help you dig into your business and prepare for the next recession, whenever it comes. From Sum of All Numbers 


5. Video: How to control your retirement destiny

This recorded webinar covers 13 aspects of retirement you can plan for ahead of time, and considers the impact of different variables that can throw off projections for your future. Topics range from how planning changes as you get closer to actually retiring to the basic steps of planning, social security mistakes to avoid, taxes, different approaches to investments, annuities, boosting your career asset, finding quality advice and more. From Sensible Money LLC., 1:44 including Q&A

Is your business ready for your retirement?


6. Post: Why you should stop trying to be happy at work

Meaningful work is far from a millennial obsession. In fact, it may be the key to the question of happiness at work. This post draws a distinction between meaning and happiness by defining the characteristics and demands of each, and offers guidance for how to derive more meaning from your day job. From Harvard Business Review 


7. Podcast: What great leaders posses

A list of rules can hold your employees back and even create resentment, but that doesn't mean you need to embrace anarchy. This podcast episode advocates bringing your people into the principles that guide your organization in such a way that they voluntarily act according to the rules you would have set otherwise. It also examines how leaders can leverage scheduling for greater impact. From the Productivityist podcast, 39 mins.


8. Post: What to do if you have too much cash

Having enough cash for your needs is important; having too much on hand means missed opportunity. Matt Boelter from Viridian explains in this piece how to determine the optimal amount of cash you should hold onto based on your own situation, where to keep it and how to simplify maintaining the right balance going forward. From MarketWatch 

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Published: 10/01/2019

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