Resources for Business Owners: November 2019

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Blue skies have given way to rain and wind here in the Pacific Northwest, the days are growing noticeably shorter and people are asking around for dog sitters. All this can only mean one thing. The holidays are coming. 

Before the hustle and bustle begins, let's pause to examine how nonprofits can plan to make the most of year-end giving, how to share the story your data is telling to inspire action and, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, how to show appreciation in ways that don't embarrass your employees.

All this and more awaits ...

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1. Video: Year-End Giving Secrets that Inspire Donors Over the Holidays

This webinar offers practical steps to take to inspire your donors to contribute to your year-end campaigns. It includes tips for planning, timing, leveraging your calendar and creating appeals that get results. From MobileCause, 47 mins.What would it take for your nonprofit to thrive?

2. Post: Finding the Best Buyer for Your Small Business

If your exit strategy involves selling the business, who do you want to sell to? Someone who can pay the right price, will take care of the people in your business and fits the culture? How do you find this person? This post walks owners through the stages they must go through to find the right buyer for their business. From 

3. Podcast: How to Craft a More Powerful Story Using Data

Data is powerful. It's also overwhelming and boring on its own. To move people to action, we must tell the story our data is reflecting in a way that grabs the attention of our audience and compels them to do something. This interview with Nancy Duarte covers exactly how to do this. From Building a StoryBrand, 25 mins.

4. Post: Financial Quicksand for Nonprofits

This post considers the top four financial concerns for nonprofit leaders as revealed in a study by the Nonprofit Finance Fund: financial sustainability, effective funding, unrestricted revenue and competitive pay. From the For Purpose Law Group

5. Video: How to Handle Customer Complaints Like a Pro

Customer complaints can be unpleasant, but they're a gift! Companies pay money to get the kind of insights customers offer free of charge. This video examines how to — and how not to — handle complaints in order to benefit your business. From Valuetainment, 20 mins.

6. Post: Small Businesses Can Save Your Community

Small business has a huge impact. This post examines why and how small businesses are so important to their communities' economies, people, culture, institutions, growth and more. From Strong Towns

7. Podcast: Streamlining Your Business Model to Just One Offer

More offers don't necessarily mean more revenues. Business owner Jereshia Hawk walks us through the thought process that led her to retire her suite of services and focus on a single offer — with great results. From the What Works podcast, 40 mins.

8. Post: Eight Common Ways Companies Screw Up Employee Recognition

Speaking of thanks, let's talk employee appreciation. It's hard to make employees feel genuinely appreciated. This post highlights common pitfalls in the quest to give recognition, shows us what to avoid and suggests what to do instead. From Fast Company


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Published: 11/05/2019

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