Resources for Business Owners: May 2019

may 2019

Historically, May has been a good month for big business ideas. The U.S. Post Office was founded, Mr. Potato Head was introduced and root beer was invented — all in May.

We hope the following resources will spark ideas for red-letter days in your own business or nonprofit.  

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1. Post: Retiring From a Business You Own

This blog post from covers several options available to business owners considering retirement, with an overview of practical considerations for each. These include who needs to be involved in the sales process, how long it will take and how your business is ultimately valued — not just on paper, but in the real world.

2. Post: Identifying and Overcoming Common Nonprofit Problems

This post from Philanthropy Journal News at NC State University reports on the findings of "Nonprofit Standards," the 2018 benchmark survey released by the BDO Institute for Nonprofit Excellence. After summarizing highlights from the report, this post examines the takeaways for nonprofits who want to overcome the challenges common to them and their peers.

3. Post: Delegate Outcomes, Not Activities

From Signal v. Noise, this quick read focuses on the principals underlying delegation: what it looks like, why it's difficult and its ultimate purpose. As leaders, we delegate not only to get things done, but to prepare our teams for bigger, more challenging projects in the future — failure to delegate can become failure to equip our people.

4. Video Series: 5 Common Marketing Mistakes

This series of five videos covers common mistakes business leaders make when trying to market their brand. It goes into the principals behind telling a story so that your customer sees themselves as the hero and you as the guide they need to hire. Videos range from 4 to 11 minutes each

5. Post: I Read the 8 Best Business Books of All Time (So You Don't Have To)

From CNBC, this post is a quick rundown of eight books you've probably heard of, along with a summary of their big ideas. The list is limited to books which have stood the tests of time and criticism.

6. Post: Health Hacks with Nathalie Beauchamp

You can manage your time, but it might be better to focus on managing your energy. This episode from the Beyond the To-Do List podcast focuses on how to find the habits that work best for your unique needs, health and happiness.


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Published: 05/07/2019

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