Resources for Business Owners: March 2019

Resources March 2019

This month, as you endure the last of winter, why not curl up with a good post or podcast? The collection below contains ideas for helping your employees (and yourself) thrive, the basics of deal structures and advantages of ESOPs when you're thinking through selling a business, and encouragement for nonprofits to remember that you really need more than warm bodies on your board — you need people equipped for the role.

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1. Video: Modern Nonprofit Governance — Passion Is Not Enough

This TEDx talk lays out the hierarchy of nonprofit needs, then outlines the qualities board members need to make an organization sustainable and able to reach its full potential.

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2. Video: How Should You Manage Change? 

In this episode of the Big Question Podcast from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, an expert panel takes up the topic of how to institute change. They cover the risks of implementing change, what to do about that risk and how to handle failure, as well as why people resist change and how to make it easier and more likely to succeed. 34 minutes

3. Post: Forget Standing Desks. To Stay Healthy, You've Got to Move All Day

The standing-desk revolution was not enough to combat the dangers of a sedentary workday, because it failed to change behavior. The Guardian argues in this post that even going to the gym isn't enough — if you want to be healthy, you're going to need to get creative at work. 

4. Podcast: The Advantages of an ESOP

From The ESOP Podcast, this episode examines some of the attractive features and practical workings of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), as well as steps for building a culture conducive to a healthy, thriving employee-owned company. 90 minutes

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5. Video: Mergers & Acquisition Deal Structures Explained 

This short video offers an overview of the two types of deal structures we see most often among the sale of businesses in the lower-to-middle end of the market — sale of stock and sale of assets — as well as an explanation of who tends to favor which structure and why. 7 minutes

6. Post: Trump Administration Sets Final Rules for New Business Tax Deduction 

The Wall Street Journal examines the rules for the new business tax deduction, how they differ from some of the regulations proposed last year and what they mean for business owners. 

7. Podcast: Perfect is the Enemy  

Perfectionism, in ourselves or our colleagues, can be costly to our businesses. This podcast from Harvard Business Review offers helpful insight to anybody who demands perfection or is dealing with someone who does. 38 minutes


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Published: 03/05/2019

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