Resources for Business Owners: June 2019

June Resources 2019

For June — or Junuary, as it's know in the Pacific Northwest — we'd like to share some helpful, practical insights that will help get you through the grey.

The following eight resources are for business leaders of different tacks: entrepreneurs looking to become better leaders, seasoned business owners considering retirement, nonprofit leaders struggling to know which way to turn and anybody who fears boredom, missing out or failing.

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1. Post: Game-Changing Variables in Your Retirement Plan

Many retirees are working longer than expected because they were counting on a pension, savings and Social Security to fund retirement, but discovered these weren't enough. This podcast examines a few of the variables critical to crafting a retirement plan that carries you through. Part one of a two-part series from Smallwood Wealth Management, 27 minutes

2. Post: Nonprofit Weaknesses Start With Too Few Leaders and Too Many Managers

This post examines what lies at the root of some common issues that are frustrating many nonprofits, what causes these issues and what nonprofit leaders can do about them. From the Chronicle of Philanthropy

3. Podcast: How Often Do You Check Your Phone?

Managers say phones are the number one killer of productivity; research reports our devices are negatively impacting our leadership abilities; studies show that just having our silenced phone somewhere nearby can diminish our work. Why do our phones have so much control over us? This episode examines why our brains get so hooked that we are willing to sacrifice our work — even our lives. From the Extreme Productivity podcast, 22 minutes

4. Post: Let Children Get Bored Again 

I know we're not children anymore, but bear with me. This editorial argues that innovation, the ability to focus and more good things require a bored brain — for adults and children. This is, of course, easier said than done when endless entertainment is at our fingertips and tolerating boredom is seen as a criminal offense. From the New York Times  

5. Video: This is How Successful People Manage Their Time

This video considers 15 methods, insights and considerations to shift the way you think about time and productivity in order to help you accomplish what you want to accomplish. From Motivation2Study, 17 minutes

6. Podcast: Turning Engagement into Sales

This panel discussion covers a number of topics for business owners, including how to use social media to drive sales, creating excitement around your offering that leads to purchases and what to avoid in order to protect your business. From the Business Boutique podcast, 46 minutes

7. Video: Lead Like the Great Conductors

Leadership looks very different depending on what industry you're in, but the underlying principles remain the same. In this video, a conductor examines the style of six of his contemporaries to highlight lessons on how to be a better leader in your business — or anywhere. From TED Global, 21 minutes 

8. Post: Common Traits of Successful Small Business Owners

The results from a survey of 2,000 business owners revealed some patterns that correlated with success. This post covers these patterns to learn what a business owner can do to increase their chances of going the distance and offers links to dive deeper into each one. From online accounting software company Xero


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Published: 06/04/2019

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