Resources for Business Owners: June 2018


Resources June 2018

Resources to make you smarter, more effective and ready for what's ahead. This month we look into effective marketing for busy leaders who want to market their business without investing millions of dollars — or hours, the complications of transitioning your company and how to navigate them successfully, what really awesome CEOs have in common, and so much more.

1. Post: 11 Steps Every Entrepreneur Should Consider When Preparing for an Exit

This post from Inc. walks through 11 important parts of any transition plan. It includes tips for how to tackle the large process of selling, who you need on your team and how much time you will realistically need to spend preparing your business for sale.

2. Podcast: A New Way to Use Video to Market Your Small Business

This 48-minute episode from the Small Business Big Marketing Show examines how to (easily) leverage video in your marketing. Video can be powerful and it doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, simpler can be better. This episode outlines easy steps for creating simple, effective videos that don't require tons of time, money and expertise.

3. Post: 4 Ways to Deal With a Toxic Co-Worker

Research indicates relationships are the number one factor in a team's success — "not some or most of the relationships, but all of them. Thus, one toxic team member is all it takes to destroy a high-performing team." If you lead a team, your path to dealing with a bad apple or two is clear. But what if they're your equal? This piece from Harvard Business Review examines four actions to take when peers go bad.

4. Podcast: Legal Landmines in Private Equity and How to Avoid Them

The Deal Junkie podcast delves into the sale of a business — from the buyer's perspective. Host Kevin Fechtmeyer interviews private equity deal attorney Quinn Williams of Greenberg Traurig about the potential legal landmines buyers can run into when selling their business. The conversation touches on red flags in a seller, mistakes owners make when trying to sell, actions you can take to increase value before transition time and how to signal that you are not only ready to sell, but serious about it. 50 minutes.

5. Post/Video: The No. 1 Behavior That Transforms Ordinary People Into Successful CEOs

CNBC reports on a study of 2,600 leaders and the four traits of successful, sought-after CEOs. Reliability is by far the most important, followed by decisiveness, engaging and adapting. This post focuses on what reliability looks like, how it separates good from great and why reliable CEOs tend to enjoy more opportunity throughout their careers.

6. Offer: The LinkedIn Secret Sauce Guide to Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions offers an inside look into how they use their own platform to market their own product. The guide promises insights into LinkedIn Sponsored Content, InMail, Dynamic Ads and Lead Gen Forms, as well as secrets we can all leverage to use LinkedIn's marketing tools to full advantage.


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Published: 06/05/2018

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