Resources for Business Owners: July 2019

resources july 2019

Ah, July. In the Pacific Northwest, this is the actual beginning of summer. The grey skies roll away, the sun comes out and we complain about not having air conditioning because the mercury has topped 70 degrees. It's the perfect time to sip on an iced coffee and read these helpful resources.

This month we have a video from a leader who approaches defining a company's values by first considering what universal principals those values need to reflect. For nonprofit leaders we consider the immensely practical problem of selecting software that will help with the unique accounting needs of a not-for-profit organization. And for anybody who may want to sell their business someday (be that in five years or 50), we're including resources to help you start putting the pieces in place now to avoid discovering a bunch of dross in what were supposed to be your golden years. 

Grab the sunscreen and let's go.

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1. Video: Leadership Principals from 'We the People' to Your Mission Statement

Great leadership is ultimately built on universal principles — a crucial fact for anybody who has ever struggled to live up to their own values as a leader. This video covers how to press into these underlying principals to shape and lead an organization well. From Monktoberfest, 51 mins.

2. Post: Getting Mentally Pumped for Your Day

This ex-Navy SEAL walks us through a five-minute routine he uses every morning for an instant boost in physical and mental energy. Don't worry if you're not exactly in SEAL shape — he offers a routine you can do at any fitness level and build up over time. From CNBC

3. Podcast: Building a Culture that Keeps People Around 

In this podcast you'll learn about three things that can have a big impact on your business, but small business leaders often overlook. From Infusionsoft's Small Business Success Podcast, 18 mins.

4. Post: Choosing a Nonprofit Accounting Tool

Nonprofits have unique requirements when it comes to accounting software. This post covers six questions to ask before you decide which tool is best for your organization. From the Nonprofit Technology Network

5. Video: A Crash Course on Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A (mergers and acquisitions) can be a complex subject to understand. This video aims to lay the foundation you need to grasp what goes on in the buying and selling of a business. It covers different types of sales, reasons people buy and/or sell, the M&A process and the advisors involved. From Cenkus Law, 13 minutes

6. Post: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business

This post offers some great advice on selling your small business. The author, a business attorney, discusses seven common mistakes in more depth than the usual blog post and offers practical insights to help steer anybody who might want to sell a business someday in the right direction. Also from Cenkus Law

7. Podcast: What Is Savings, Exactly?

This podcast argues that your savings form the foundation of your entire financial plan, then walks us through how to save strategically, based on your individual situation, so you'll be ready when the time comes to retire. From the Wealth Curve Talk podcast, 23 mins.

8. Podcast: Nourishing Creativity so it can Nourish You

Business leaders are often kept from getting their hands dirty so they can focus on things like strategy, developing employees, managing people. In this interview, a hand surgeon argues that the very act of working with your hands is actually very important — not only in improving your work, but for your personal life and health. From the How to be Awesome at Your Job podcast, 50 minutes


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Published: 07/02/2019

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