Resources for Business Owners: February 2019

resources feb 2019

We hope your first month of 2019 has been an inspiring one. This February we examine several ideas we hope will carry that inspiration forward to help you persevere as the daily grind wears away at the excitement that flowed from the fresh start of a new year.

We'll start with a timely look at why the small things ultimately matter as much as the vision itself, then move on to the most effective way to problem-solve, how nonprofits benefit from automation, winning at business when you can't really win at business, and more.

Is there a particular subject that has you looking for more resources? Click here to let us know and we'll try to cover it here on the Building Value blog.

1. Post: Why Small Habits Make a Big Difference

How are the resolutions going? Even if you're not exactly crushing it, that's no reason to give up. This post from Farnam Street considers the long-term costs and rewards of small things that eventually add up (think compound interest). Small, consistent steps will get you to your goals faster than huge strides you won't actually take.

2. Post: Why Do Nonprofits Need Marketing Automation?

Funding is a huge hurdle for so many nonprofits that lack the resources necessary to engage personally with donors and potential donors. This post from Top Nonprofits explores how to leverage technology to make personal engagement possible, stretching both the reach and impact of your resources to increase giving and fund your mission.

3. Podcast: The Right Way to Solve Complex Problems 

This episode from the HBR Ideacast examines why solutions proven to work before can still fail. One mistake even seasoned leaders make is deciding on the solution before they have a solid grasp of what's actually causing the problem. This episode will help you avoid this and other common mistakes. 20 minutes

4. Video: Simon Sinek Explains What Almost Every Leader Gets Wrong

This video from Inc. features Simon Sinek's definition of business as an infinite game. He explains what that means, why it matters and how leaders can use it to make their organizations stronger. Infinitely led companies experience higher levels of loyalty, trust, cooperation and innovation, and tend to disrupt entire industries. 43 minutes

5. Podcast: Struggling to Lead Millennials?

This panel discussion on the EntreLeadership podcast features the questions and comments of real-world business leaders who have reached the end of their rope trying to lead millennial employees. The panel addresses a handful of common concerns with insight and advice for getting the best work out of this infamous generation. 43 minutes

6. Post: Sample of the 11 Best Content Marketing Ideas of 2018 

In this post, the Content Marketing Institute examines 11 successful marketing campaigns from B2B and B2C businesses last year. The list praises organizations that fueled their efforts with creativity and humor specifically suited their unique brands.

6b. What Storytelling Looks Like

Story has become a buzzword, which is unfortunate because when we actually tell a story, things happen. One more example of powerful marketing from 2018: A Christmas ad from John Lewis & Partners. 2 minutes

7. Podcast: Coach Your Team to Success With These 7 Questions 

This episode of the Story Brand podcast instructs leaders on how to become better coaches by becoming more curious for a longer period of time, quick to listen and slow to offer advice. 50 minutes


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Published: 02/05/2019

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