Resources for Business Leaders: December 2019

Resources Dec 2019

The holiday season is upon us. This means all sorts of madness in preparing for celebrations, coordinating with family, colleagues and employees scheduling vacation time, year-end activity wrapping things up in the business — it's a lot. Take a breather with a cup of cheer and a resources from the list below. 'Tis the season for employee appreciation, saving time to increase productivity and a dash of humor to help you face the most wonderful time of the year. 

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1. Post: Modern Governance Approach to Better Board Decision-Making

This post offers three actions nonprofits can take to improve the process their board uses to make decisions, as well as insights into the importance of data, efficiency and culture for an effective board. From BoardEffectWhat would it take for your nonprofit to thrive?

2. Post: Nine Startup CEOs on How to Say 'No' Effectively

Business leaders are busy people. Knowing when to say no is a big part of the battle. Knowing how to say no is the other part. This post includes insights for both. From Fast Company

3. Podcast: Business Broker Trends

This podcast features three M&A (mergers and acquisitions) experts walking through some of the important aspects shaping how business owners buy and sell businesses in today's market. They include insights into generational transfer and the impacts of doing it yourself. From Business Broker Brief, 36 mins.

4. Post w/ Video: How to Reap Big Returns from Little Meetings

Good meetings are incredibly beneficial. Bad meetings are detrimental. This post and accompanying video explain how to make every meeting a good one. From TED, video 13 mins. 

5. Video: Holiday Humor

Holidays are supposed to be warm and cozy reminders of what really matters. They are also incredibly difficult, dramatic and great fodder for comedy. Enjoy this clip from comedian Jim Gaffigan. 5 mins.

6. Post: How Remote Work Is Quietly Remaking Our Lives

Research indicates the option to work remotely leads to increased productivity and decreased turnover among employees. It's also impacting the world outside the office in terms of infrastructure, office design, leasing agreements and small town living. From Vox:Recode

7. Podcast: Six Ways to Show Your Employees You Care

Hanging onto employees requires thoughtful effort. This podcast episode examines how to get and keep the best people by approaching everything with intention, from your interview process to the nature of the work your business is doing. From the Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Podcast, 13 mins.

8. Post: New Year's Resolutions for Business Owners

This post offers an incredibly simple approach to increasing the probability (to the tune of 95 percent!) of keeping your resolutions, and other practical insights for committing to goals that will matter long-term for your business. From Outbound Engine

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Published: 12/03/2019

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