Resources for Business Owners: August 2019

resources august 2019

We hope you're out enjoying the August sun. Thanks to the glories of mobile technology, you can bring these resources along to read, watch and listen to as you make your way to the islands, mountains, beach or wherever you prefer to spend the dog days of summer.

This month we're sharing resources that examine how nonprofits can target the seemingly unengaged to get them actively involved in a mission. We also get a look at Gen Z and their expectations for a career, the wider impact of flattening companies out to eliminate traditional managerial structure, and the number one indicator of success (spoiler: it's not IQ). There's also a piece on how 20th century methods of motivation don't fit many modern employees, partly because the nature of our work has changed, and more. 

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1. Video: What Gen Z College Grads are Looking for in a Career

The oldest members of Generation Z were born in 1996 and they're graduating from college. This short video explores how this generation differs from its elders, what its members are looking for in a career and how they expect to learn necessary skills post-college. From PBS News Hour, 7 mins.

2. Post: No Boss? No Thanks

This essay digs into the rationale behind the movement to flatten organizations, and challenges the idea that modern businesses no longer need bosses and/or managers. From Aeon

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3. Podcast: Why Talent Alone Isn't Enough

The number one indicator of success is not IQ, EQ, education, introversion or extroversion. It's grit. In this conversation, best-selling author Angela Duckworth defines grit and offers practical insight into how to use it to reach your goals — in athletics, in business or in life. From the Nike Trained podcast, 29 mins.

Bonus Click here to watch Ms. Duckworth's TED Talk on grit

4. Post: 'Slacktivism' is an Opportunity for Nonprofits

'Slacktivist' refers to a person who engages with a cause in a way that doesn't cost them anything, i.e. liking or sharing your content and events on social media without actually donating or volunteering. The term has a negative connotation, but this post offers a simple step-by-step process for nurturing these slacktivists — who are clearly familiar with and see value in your cause — into activists. From Wired Impact

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5. Video: The Puzzle of Motivation

Are you using traditional models to motivate your employees? Depending on the circumstances, your system of consequences and rewards may actually be cannibalizing production. In this video, career analyst Dan Pink examines what science says actually works to motivate employees. TED Conference, 19 minutes

6. Post: The Simple Six-Step Retirement Checkup

This post lays out a six-step plan for reviewing whether your retirement plan is on track to carry you through your golden years, addressing any issues you uncover and tweaking your plan depending on what you find. From Morgan Stanley

7. Podcast: Corporate Wellness

As Count Rugen famously said, "If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything." He may have been the bad guy, but he knew the importance of wellbeing. This podcast episode dives into what health actually looks like in business, what employers can do to help keep their employees healthy (and associated costs down) and the power of small, consistent changes. From the ESOP Podcast, 57 mins.

8. Podcast: Remote Workers

The ability to work remotely opens a whole new world of possibilities, but it can also complicate careers, business and leadership. In this episode, a panel discusses listener's questions about the challenges of advancement for people who aren't in the building, dealing with a problematic colleague whose face you never see and managing teams from a distance. From the Dear HBR podcast, 33 minutes

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Published: 08/06/2019

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