Resources for Business Owners: August 2018


Resources for busy business leaders August 2018

This collection of posts, podcasts and video is for business owners in every stage of the game — and every stage of that stage.

From marketing to valuation, from breaking through myths to turning conflict into something productive, from creating an enviable workplace to going local in a global world and more, these pieces have you covered.

1. Podcast: Mothers, Mechanics and Missionaries

This episode of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast features Andy Cunningham, author of "Get to Aha." She walks through the process of creating an effective marketing strategy step by step, starting with the most fundamental piece of your company's makeup — the core DNA. In other words, is your business a mother, mechanic or missionary? If you have struggled to create or understand marketing strategy, listen to this podcast. 28 minutes

2. Video: Small Business Valuation — Most Probable Selling Price

David Barnett of Advantage Liquidity Partners covers the topic of valuation by considering who needs a small business valuation, walking through the process of valuing a business and covering what you can expect from the final report. 14 minutes

3. Post: The Average Age of a Successful Startup Founder Is 45

This post from Harvard Business Review digs into research of business founders in the United States that comes to the startling discovery: Middle age is golden when it comes to starting a successful business. Despite the focus on the (very) obvious outliers, even everybody's favorite wunderkinds tend to reap the greatest rewards and innovate their biggest game-changers in their middle years.

4. Post: The Power of Positive People

This article from The New York Times examines research that shows the people you spend time with have a greater impact on your well-being than just about anything else you can do.

5. Podcast: Grace Judson on Conflict Transformation

This episode of the Introvert Entrepreneur podcast digs into the heart of conflict — why we avoid it (and necessarily fail), why it's not a bad thing and how to turn conflict into a productive jumping-off point.

This episode is 41 minutes. Short on time? Skip to the 12-minute mark, where the real meat of the conversation begins. 

6. Post: Elon Musk Says This Crucial Skill is What Made Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Successful

Don’t underestimate the power of awesome perks — but don't overestimate them either. This article from CNBC highlights how everybody's favorite success stories managed to create companies employees are still fighting to get into.

7. Podcast: Tips for Attracting Local Clients

This conversation focuses on how local businesses can attract more traffic in our ever-increasingly digital world. It includes a look at where search engines like Google are headed and why, and how to leverage your existing tools as we continue to move into new areas of technology. 25 minutes


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Published: 08/07/2018

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