Resources for Business Leaders: September 2017


As technology, marketing and the business landscape change, one thing remains the same: business leaders want to grow their organization. The posts, podcasts and video for this month's post deal with how to approach many modern concerns in order to ultimately grow your business. From how to deal with the advance of virtual and augmented reality to how to hone your stories for better sales, there's something for every business leader.

1. Nine Steps that Can Remove Obstacles to Growth

This post from Chief Executive walks through a proven, nine-step process that has helped many business leaders pull their organizations out of a slump and into a more productive space. The process connects decision-making within the company to overarching financial goals, institutes checks and balances for accountability, offers employees transparency and gives managers the tools they need to shape company culture.

2. Are You Prepared for the Legal Issues of Augmented Reality?

Virtual and augmented reality are becoming, well, reality. Venable LLP recently published this article to help business leaders understand how VR and AR are finding their way into the business world and the implications for intellectual property rights as well as privacy and security issues.

3. Video: Facebook Marketing and Email Marketing

If you're using Facebook as a customer acquisition tool, you're bound to be disappointed. This video from Social Fresh considers your approach to social media, common mistakes people make and what the data says is actually the best way to leverage social media in your business marketing.

4. Podcast: Six Differences Between a Sales Story and a Sales Pitch

In this 10-minute episode from the Sell With a Story podcast, author Paul Smith responds to the vast overuse of the word 'story' to describe every marketing activity a business undertakes. He explains the six characteristics all stories share to delineate between what is a story, what is not and why it matters to your sales.

5. Podcast: The 25 Most Useful Sales Stories

Paul Smith also runs the Lead With a Story podcast and in this episode shares the results of the research behind his book, Sell With a Story. He lays out 25 different types of useful stories for salespeople and where each one works best in the sales cycle.

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Published: 09/04/2017

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