Resources for Business Leaders: October 2017

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October seems a fitting month to address some of the scary things about business — millennials in the workplace, for example. The videos, posts and podcast below, curated for your reading and listening pleasure, should help make you the smartest pumpkin on the block.

1. How a Corporate Mission Can Drive Young Workers Away

Attracting and retaining high-quality employees is a common business issue. This article from BBC Capital focuses on one major mistake many organizations make that inadvertently pushes away many of their best and brightest employees, potential hires and even customers.

2. To Work Better, Work Less

The more hours you work, the more productive you are. Sort of. This post on Business Insider examines the reality of the relationship between work hours and productivity, arguing that if you want your employees — or yourself — to be more productive, less is more.

3. Video: Visa's CMO on Meeting the Challenge of New Media

In this video from Columbia Business School, Antonio Lucio of Visa walks through the principles that guided — and are still guiding — his company's reconstruction of its marketing model in response to the changing digital landscape.

4. Podcast: How to Build a Powerful Network Using LinkedIn

Stephanie Sammons, social media strategist and author of "Linked to Influence," sits down with the Social Media Marketing podcast to talk through practical steps business leaders can take to build their LinkedIn network. She discusses everything from the distinct culture and expectations of the social network to the tools that make building a smart, effective network easier.

5. Video: How to Build a Business that Lasts 100 Years

In this 15-minute Ted Talk, Martin Reeves considers six surprising principles necessary for any business hoping to stick around long term. He considers how leaders think about business and why, how this has led to the shrinking longevity of the average company and what they can do to turn the tide in their own organization.

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Published: 10/02/2017

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