Resources for Business Leaders: November 2017

Glasses, cookies and coffee
As icy gusts of wind remind all of us here in the Pacific Northwest that winter is definitely here to stay (indefinitely), we find refuge in a steaming cup of coffee and turn our attention to the warm, glowing topics of business. The posts, podcasts and video below cover many of the usual suspects — millennials, leadership, marketing — from slightly different and sometimes altogether opposing perspectives.

1. What Everyone Gets Wrong About the 'Millennial Snowflake'

The topic of millennials in the workplace is often met with mirth and rolling eyes. This post from BBC Capital considers the possibility that Generation Y is far from the soft, entitled, promotion-demanding, praise-swilling monster of the ages, and is rather just joining the ranks of normal young people who have always horrified their elders down through the millennia.

2. Working from Home v. Collaborative Overload and More

This post from LinkedIn is a collection of observations that serve as the basis for an interactive conversation, should you choose to join. It includes arguments for and against working from home, the reality of what makes a great leader, different types of creativity for different types of people and an argument against finding your purpose as the foundation of a meaningful career.

3. Don't Be Overwhelmed by Facebook Advertising: 10 Tips to Use Anytime

By now you have likely heard two things about marketing via Facebook: You have to spend money and, as if social media marketing wasn't difficult enough, the platform will up and change on you constantly. No worries. This post on the Content Marketing Institute site addresses the evergreen principles you can utilize no matter how Facebook adjusts its algorithms tomorrow. These 10 tips feature foundational principles that make ads successful and screenshots that walk you through how to get a greater return every time you advertise on the social network.

4. Video (and Podcast!): The Emerging Work World in the Participation Age

In this 15-minute video from a Tedx event, Chuck Blakeman argues the Industrial Age still controls most of the workforce but is giving way to the Participation Age. He delineates the differences between employees and participants, separates managers from leaders, and demonstrates what this looks like in the real world. If you would like to hear more on this topic, Blakeman's Crankset Podcast features an hour-long panel conversation which includes more real-life examples and in-depth consideration of what the Participation Age is, what it's not and why it's so important for business leaders to pay attention.

5. Podcast: Exit to Find Passion Again

Troy Schuette ran a waste disposal business for 23 years. In this hour-long conversation, he opens up about his business from foundation to transition, complete with an honest examination of his successes, mistakes, how waste management paved the way for him to work out his passion and what happened when he lost that passion. Troy also shares the story of exiting his business, what the steps and planning looked like, and how he made retirement a satisfying milestone.

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Published: 11/06/2017

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