Resources for Business Leaders: December 2017


For this, our last curated post of the year 2017, we bring you helpful resources for your business and your curiosity. The posts, podcasts and videos below should shed some light on LinkedIn, Santa Claus and one of America's top-secret facilities.

1. LinkedIn Ads: CPC vs. CPM Bidding

You may know your target market spends time on LinkedIn, but how do you reach them? This straightforward post (complete with a six-minute video) from Marketing Land outlines what it takes to generate "impressions/traffic/leads/sales" in higher volumes at lower costs.

2. Santa Claus

We're used to annual sightings of a portly gentleman dressed in fur with a sack on his back and a sleigh pulled by reindeer. But where did our modern, American idea of Santa Claus come from? The History Channel wraps it up in a nutshell in this three-minute video. Bonus: scroll down on their page and you'll find videos on other yuletide subjects.

3. Five Year End Tax Issues for Small Business Owners to Consider

This post and slideshare from Paychex, Inc. offers insight into some of the tax issues small business owners will want to keep in mind as 2018 approaches. These issues include tax reform, Affordable Care Act filing, accelerated W-2 form filing, 401(k) tax credits and qualified small employer health reimbursement accounts.

4. Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus

You've probably heard the phrase and seen it attached to letter-writing stations set up in department stores promising to send your list to Santa. This post from the New York Sun online is perhaps its most famous editorial.

5. Three Easy Steps to Turn Your New Year's Resolutions Into Powerful Goals

The dawn of a fresh year can help motivate us to change, but making a resolution isn't enough. This post from The Balance outlines how to turn your resolutions into action plans that will help you stay on target and press on long after that fresh new year feeling wears off.

6. NORAD's Santa Tracker Began with a Typo And a Good Sport

The top-secret facility built inside Colorado's Cheyenne Mountain serves in the defense of North America by monitoring the skies. While that naturally leads to tracking Santa's movements every year, the tradition of broadcasting his whereabouts for children to follow — first on the radio, now online — began in 1955 thanks to the most unlikely of misprints.

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Published: 12/04/2017

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