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Leadership is an endless topic of study and debate. In the business world, leadership can make the difference between a surviving company and thriving one. The posts and articles listed below approach the subject from the perspectives of science, experience and outside help.

Many myths persist around what makes a great leader. The multitude of available data can bust those myths open and give us a reliable roadmap for developing effective leaders—if we’re willing to listen. This post from Harvard Business Review examines the pervasive issues of leadership, the immense cost of these issues and the science behind what really builds and shapes a leader.

Business owners know change is necessary in order to remain competitive. Change, however, is uncomfortable and difficult on every level. This article from Chief Executive offers leaders three succinct steps for smoothing the road to change for their entire organization.

Consultants aren’t just for emergencies. An outside perspective is generally helpful because somebody outside your organization can see the whole picture, from a different angle with fresh eyes. Robert Half shares a few reasons a consultant can help even healthy, successful businesses improve performance.

The modern business world is marked by constant change. In other words, it’s volatile and successful leaders must know how to keep moving forward in the middle of that constant shifting. In this article, Business Insider breaks down the major findings of a recent report from Harvard Business Publishing, "Leading Now: Critical Capabilities for a Complex World," offering leaders eight capabilities to hone for success.

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Published: 01/30/2017

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