Goodbye 2018: A Year in Review

2018 in Review

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2019 and bid 2018 goodbye, we at OneAccord are looking over our most popular posts over the course of the last year. It's no surprise that Tyler Parris' series on the chief of staff role continues to dominate three of the top ten slots. This topic was joined by the promises and cautions of the ESOP, writing effective email, using Uber in place of a traditional car service, vital aspects of getting ready to sell your business and more.

Enjoy these top selections from 2018 and we look forward to everything the new year has in store.

1. How Does a Chief of Staff Differ from a COO?

This is the second installment of a three-part series Tyler Parris wrote for OneAccord on the chief of staff role. In this post, he digs into how the role differs from that of a chief operating officer and what that means for your organization. 

2. The Pros and Cons of the ESOP

Owners looking for a way to exit their business and ensure their employees will be taken care of are keen to learn more about employee stock ownership plans, or ESOPs. This post is an overview of what the ESOP is, the possible benefits and the potential downfalls of implementing one in your business.   

3. Leadership and Your Chief of Staff

This post was the starting point for Tyler Parris' series on the chief of staff role. In it, he details why high-level executives often struggle to get an accurate picture of what's going on in their organization and how a chief of staff can help.

4. How to Write Email that Gets Read — and Responded To

Guest author Keith Ferrin hit a nerve with this post detailing what you can do to get your audience to not only open your emails, but read them and take action. His secret starts with turning the ever-popular phrase 'content is king' on its head.  

5. Will a Chief of Staff be a Wedge in Your Organization?

The final installment of Tyler Parris' popular series addresses the issue of how a new chief of staff may be perceived by the rest of your organization. He focuses on how to avoid the 'wedge effect' that can come from bringing in a person your organization may see as a barrier between them and the CEO. 

6. Uber: Understanding the Relationship Between Your Employees, Your Insurance Policy and Ride Services

The popularity of this post spiked a few times throughout 2018, especially after Uber announced the advent of its monthly subscription service, Ride Pass. Authored by Laura Walton, this piece analyzes the exposure that comes with hailing an Uber for business purposes.

7. The Role of Multiples in a Business Valuation 

Multiples, rules of thumb, benchmarks — we hear these terms when we talk about selling a business, but what do they mean? This post offers a high-level overview of how privately held businesses are valued, what multiples mean and how they relate to valuing a business.

8. Invasion of the Business Snatchers: The Business Owner’s Nightmare

Ann Amati authored this piece about how companies must learn to navigate generational leadership changes at companies they sell to and compete with. She focuses on how to leverage feedback from your customers to improve competitiveness, customer retention and revenue growth amid shifting demographics. 

9. Four Reasons to Consider a Quality of Earnings Report

The quality of earnings report (QofE) is an under-appreciated tool for owners planning the sale of their business. So before you start asking whether you should pay for an audited financial statement, read this post on the advantages that come from having your CPA prepare a QofE.

10. Digital Marketing 101: An Executive Primer

We couldn't get through a top ten list of posts for small business owners without at least one on the topic of digital marketing. This one from guest writer Gregg Makuch is designed to give busy B2B leaders the basics they need to grasp to make good decisions about their marketing. 


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Published: 01/08/2019

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