Goodbye 2017: A Year in Review


As we move forward into 2018, armed with the knowledge we acquired in 2017, we're going to take just one glance back to review the most widely read posts on the OneAccord blog in the old year. The list is dominated by a series on the chief of staff role — in fact, the number one post below received more views than the OneAccord homepage did all year — and augmented with cautionary tales on liability and leadership.

1. How Does a Chief of Staff Differ from a COO?

Sometimes it's the sequel that gets the most attention. The most popular post of 2017 was Tyler Parris' second installment in his three-part series on the chief of staff role. It zeros in on differentiating the chief of staff from the chief operating office and the implications for the entire organization.

2. Leadership and Your Chief of Staff

In the post that started it all, Tyler Parris lays out a common pain point experienced by high-level leadership — isolation — and how the function of a good chief of staff can effectively combat the issue.

3. Uber: Understanding the Relationship Between Your Employees, Your Insurance Policy and Ride Services

Like Uber itself, Laura Walton's caution to the many companies looking to the sharing economy for transportation services garnered a lot of attention throughout the year. Laura spells out the different facets business leaders need to be aware of in order to protect their company and their people.

4. Will a Chief of Staff be a Wedge in Your Organization?

Tyler Parris buttoned up his series on the chief of staff role by addressing the elephant in the room. In the third and final installment he discusses the potential for your organization to perceive the new COS as a wedge between the CEO and the rest of the company — and how to stop the damage before it starts.

5. Empowering Excellence: Staying Connected

Our own Principal, Gasper Gulotta, made last year's most-read list with this November post on the power and importance of of staying connected to your strategic plan. Not only does he lay out how this works in theory, he shares the true story of how a company stayed the course in spite of temptations to turn back and enjoyed double-digit growth as a result.


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Published: 01/01/2018

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