Good Reads for the Business Owner: Hiring, Managing and Taxes

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Good relationships equal good business. So what do you do with baffling people who are necessary to the life of a business? How do you make sure you attract the right people in the first place? The posts below address these questions and more.

1. Managing Creative People and Teams

Business leaders often lack the skill and interest required to excel in creative disciplines. Because they also tend to have perspectives and processes that differ from those of their creative counterparts, the potential for business owners to lock horns with their photographer/ writer/ designer/ etc. is great. Understanding the other side can go a long way in preventing upheaval in your organization and getting the best result possible. This post from Forbes offers three specific things to remember when trying to get the best from your team.

2. Podcast: Why Companies Need a Different Approach When Hiring Millennials

When a huge influx of youngsters began entering the workplace, the older generation rolled its eyes. These upstarts had a completely foreign worldview and bizarre expectations for what a workplace looks like. These young idealists were, of course, the baby boomers and their stern-faced bosses the Silent Generation. The same show is playing out today, only Millennials are the alien upstarts and boomers the (sometimes) stern-faced establishment.

This episode from the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast looks at how recruiting and hiring is changing in the wake of the Generation Y influx and how business owners can leverage these changes for the benefit of their organization.

3. How to Attract Talent to a Small Company

What can your middle market business offer employees that a massive corporation can't top? A lot. When small businesses compete with huge enterprises for top talent, they have plenty to offer that large organizations simply can't because of their size. This post from the Wall Street Journal points out the important differences between small and large businesses and why the best candidate might be more attracted to what you have to offer.

4. Podcast: Tax Strategies for Small Business Owners

This podcast from Score breaks down how the small business owner can reduce their tax burden. It covers tax structure, staying legal with the IRS, deductions, losses and more. You can listen to the podcast or download the transcript if you prefer to read.

5. What's the Best Corporate Structure to Protect Small Business Owners?

How your business is taxed and how that interacts with your personal taxes depends on the structure of the business. The best structure depends on...well, it depends on a lot. It's not a case of one-size-fits-all or even one-size-fits-most-in-your-industry/state/demographic/etc. This post from Money Magazine gives an overview of the four most common structures and their implications for a small business.

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Published: 03/27/2017

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