Resources for Business Owners: February 2018

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It's not really fair to show photos of sunny warm beaches during February, not when you live in the Pacific Northwest. But it is good to remember the sun still shines somewhere.

To help busy business leaders press on through the gloomier months, we present the following resources to help you grow value in your business or get ready to sell it.

1. Facebook Overhauls News Feed to Focus On What Friends and Family Share

The Seattle Times shared this story of Facebook's new approach to what users see when they log on. Content from friends and family will get priority above media outlets, meaning your business may see a decline in engagement on the social network. But your users do have the power to ensure your content is still featured in their feed. This tutorial from the Times tells you how.

2. Video: Six Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

This post from the BBC takes six common stress factors in the life of modern workers and offers simple ways to avoid the elements that trigger stress. None of them involve getting off the grid, escaping the office or shutting off your phone.

3. What I Wish I Had Known Then ... As a New CEO

RHR International asked experienced CEOs what they would share with someone just stepping into the role. All of their answers converged on six major themes, shared in this post.

4. Setting Your Marketing Strategy Up for Success in 2018

This report from Chief Executive aims to ease one of small businesses' most tender pain points by addressing common and practical questions. Where should you be focusing your efforts? How much should you be spending on marketing and which tactics should get the most attention?

5. M&A Outlook Bright for 2018, but Don’t Wait Too Long

This piece in the Denver Post projects that 2018 will be a big year for mergers and acquisitions — and not just for huge companies. Author Gary Miller of GEM Strategy Management encourages owners to get their business in order now, because the optimism is limited.

Published: 02/06/2018

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