Resources for Busy Business Leaders July 2017

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"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God." —George Washington

OneAccord Partners was founded with the purpose of helping business owners build value in their businesses. Unlike quick increases based on short-term fixes or broken trust, real value comes from comprehensive knowledge, planning and a commitment to integrity. It's slow, it takes commitment and demands hard work, but it builds the kind of inside-out value that isn't easily struck down and can weather what may come.

We aspire to build and keep building, to set a standard in business to which others can repair. It's why we do what we do, it's why we share good insight others have shared with us. On this Independence Day, we wish you and yours peace, prosperity and the joy that comes from building something that will last.

1. The Right and Wrong Ways to Motivate Your Colleagues

Everybody has a story, or five, about a manager who attempted to motivate their staff in the most demotivating manner possible. This post from the BBC takes a look at why managers sometimes go off the rails in attempts to inspire productivity and how counterproductive attempts are often not malicious, just misguided. Leaders can stop the damage before it starts with proper training at the right time.

2. Why 'Cool' Offices Don't Always Make for a Happier Workforce

This post published by the BBC considers the flawed logic that wildly creative office environments alone can delight employees. Instead, it's the boring things that are hard to share via Instagram—like screen privacy and job security—that really make employees happy.

3. Podcast: Ready for Anything: What Adventure Can Teach Entrepreneurs

This podcast from Entrepreneur examines adventures of all shapes and sizes and what they can teach business leaders about building a solid business. These lessons include the power of being willing to step out of your comfort zone, playing the long game, letting things go and the idea that "the opposite of fear isn't bravery, it's initiative, it's the ability to act."

4. Podcast: How to Predict Whether or Not Your Business Will Succeed

In this episode from Building a Story Brand (go directly to the 8:40 mark to skip a lot of goofy small talk and promotion), David McKeown of discusses seven stages businesses can go through — early struggle, fun, whitewater, predictable success, treadmill, the big rut and death rattle — and what to do based on where you find your business right now.

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Published: 07/03/2017

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