Good Reads for the Business Owner: May 2017

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Disruption is a common word these days, and it's not limited to technology. How we work in any industry is being disrupted, as is hiring, education, the very notion of having a profession and more. But one constant amid change is the need for solid leadership. The posts, podcast and video below focus on what's changing, where the professional world is headed and the evergreen principles that help business leaders keep their organizations on course through it all.

1. The Next Generation of Jobs Won't Be Made Up of Professions

This article from BBC Capital looks at a decades-old idea that's starting to make waves in the mainstream: portfolio careers. Instead of pursuing a single profession, many employees are changing course regularly, developing new skills for entirely different jobs within the same company. Over the next decade, this trend could easily evolve into pursuing new projects at entirely different companies. Is the age of steady employment fading away?

2. Video: Malcolm Gladwell on the Challenge of Hiring in the Modern World

In this video from the New Yorker Conference, Malcolm Gladwell looks at conventional methods of filtering candidates, how they so often fail to find the best person for the role and what it really takes to see whether or not someone is a good fit.

3. Why More Millennials Are Choosing Blue-Collar Jobs

If you've decided the tech-savvy (and, some have said, entitled) Generation Y would never be interested in old-fashioned, work-with-your-hands positions in blue-collar industries, this post from Forbes might surprise you. It looks at the tremendous potential of blue-collar sectors, the high demand for semiskilled workers and the millennials who are filling this demand as they happily choose apprenticeships over a traditional degree—and the crushing debt that comes with it.

4. Infographic: 12 Perfect Video Types for the B2B Consumer Lifecycle

Video is the golden child of content marketing. Simply using the word "video" in an email subject line boosts the open rate by 19 percent and the click rate by 65 percent. Because few business owners happen to be videographers in their spare time, Vidyard created this easy-to-read infographic to clearly and simply break down the optimal length, production quality and channel to leverage for each type of marketing video .

5. Podcast: Creating a Culture of Continual Improvement, Part One

This episode from the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast focuses on how to create a cultural shift in your organization. Andy talks through four steps toward change that reaches beyond the an initial idea and impacts an organization's very culture. This is part one in the series; you can access part two here

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Published: 05/29/2017

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