Paul Bailey, CPA, Managing Principal | CliftonLarsonAllen

"Working with OneAccord, you receive hands on expertise to help you navigate the complexity of business ownership and help drive the value in your business while building it for future succession."

Steve Brilling, Director of Family Business | Clark Nuber

"Outside professionals can help in laying out vital considerations like addressing the next chapter of an owner’s life, as well as how to build additional value in the company before the transition. OneAccord and Clark Nuber provide a good blend of talents needed for a successful implementation."

Walter M. Maas III, Attorney | KTC

"OneAccord understands the process, how to improve systems and controls, and how to help you position your company. But it takes time to prepare for sale, so hire OneAccord early, work with them intensively, and follow their advice."

Rick Carlson, Partner | Peterson Russell Kelly

"As a law firm that assists business owners and investors in business transitions, we seek advisors for our clients who add financial and intangible value. Most owners, as well as investors, are looking not just at the value of the business but also factors like continuity, employee retention and legacy. OneAccord’s role is like a symphony conductor making sure all the elements of the business are well-tuned to optimize the value."

Mike Gano, CPCU, Managing Partner | The Partners Group

"In today's business, and legal environment, it has become increasingly more difficult to navigate through the myriad of issues facing business owners who are looking to transition the companies they have spent a lifetime building. It is essential that any business owner surround themselves with the best possible talent, in order to realize a positive outcome, to maximize the value of the business, and to effectively manage the risks associated with these types of transactions. The One Accord team is a great resource to help guide you through the process!"

Tina Schaaf, CEO, Principal | The Schaaf Group

"OneAccord is a team of highly ethical, driven and dedicated subject matter experts who have a passion around delivering success. They have deep expertise in driving through the obstacles many businesses encounter.  I am proud to recommend the OneAccord team, knowing they will always deliver with proven success!"

Larry Van Ness, Senior Vice President | Washington Trust Bank

“Business owners contemplating the sale of their business are often planning and executing the largest and most important transaction of their life. At that critical juncture you want to be sure you are dealing with not only highly competent professionals but also with individuals whose ethics and integrity are every bit as important to them as their bottom line. With One Accord you can be assured you will enjoy all these attributes.”

Kit Gerwels, Senior Vice President | Columbia Bank

"OneAccord’s professionals are accomplished in helping companies realize greater value and manage the complexities of preparing a company for succession or sale. Leveraging this experience can have a very positive impact on such a major event for a business owner."

How We Can Help

Baby boomers planning to transition ownership in the coming decade own 85 percent of Pacific Northwest businesses. The majority of these owners risk missing out on the full value of their business because that value is tied directly to the owner.

With unparalleled outside strategic experience, perspective and objectivity, OneAccord evaluates the needs of the businesses and nonprofits, creates a comprehensive strategy and steps into vital operational roles to create value and build long-term growth independent of the owner.

We aim to assist organizations by coming alongside and adding our expertise and experience to help them succeed.

Contact us to learn how we can help you increase the value of your organization.

Core Values


No matter the circumstance, we apply truth. Truth is always valid, independent of parameters or context.


We possess the savvy and experience to deliver the truth in a way that business owners can receive – and act on.


Service is a responsibility and an honor. From family to clients to the communities where we operate, we seek first and foremost to serve.

Mark Miller

CEO, First Aid Only

Mark Miller discusses his experience working with the One Accord team to prepare his company for future growth. He outlines his objectives in bringing in the One Accord team and the results of this engagement.