RADAR Diagnostic Organizational Assessment Tool

The RADAR™ Diagnostic Organizational Assessment Tool is a proprietary approach developed by OneAccord to improve an organization’s overall effectiveness. RADAR stands for Review, Analysis, Discovery, Action, Response. The full RADAR Scan process provides the comprehensive view, implementation plan, and ongoing support. 

The Quick Scan is the first step for engaging in the full OneAccord RADAR process. Contact us today to get started.

How RADAR Works | OneAccord Nonprofit Tools

Phase 1: Organizational Self Assessment | The first phase includes a detailed self assessment of your organization in seven key areas.

Phase 2: Review of Input | A team of OneAccord Principals will review the data collected from Phase 1. They will identify areas for further investigation and create an initial set of recommendations

Phase 3: Constituency Input | Through personal interviews and online surveys, we will engage your primary stakeholders in helping to assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses according to the seven areas of organizational effectiveness. We will create a comprehensive report.

Phase 4: Recommendations for Action | Based on the preceding process, your OneAccord team will develop a set of highest priority recommendations for action. These will include an estimate of the resources and the timeline required for successful implementation.

Phase 5: Responsive Process | The goal of this phase is to create a responsive process for continuous improvement. Real change and transformation only occur through the consistent implementation of a unified strategy in an organization. OneAccord will help set up a process for ongoing evaluation and help develop tools for ongoing management.

The Survey.svg

This online 49 question survey will provide a quick snapshot into seven key areas of your organization:

  • Leadership

Is your board and executive team functioning effectively with a cohesive vision?

  • Finances

Financial stewardship is key to an organization’s viability and sustainability. What is your organization’s true picture?

  • Facilities 

Many of the resources entrusted to organizations are not monetary. How effective are you at stewarding them?

  • Personnel

People are key to the success of any organization. Does your organization have the critical systems in place to aid in their success and fulfillment?

  • Culture

All organizations place priority on the things that matter most. Understanding and addressing issues of culture is often a hidden key to success. How is your culture?

  • Advancement 

Is your organization attracting, cultivating, soliciting, thanking and building the donor constituency you need to meet your goals and further your mission for the long term?

  • Programs

Your programs and services represent your mission and reflect your vision. Is the management of programs and services integrated into, and supported by, all of the other areas of effectiveness of your organization?

Your RADAR Results | OneAccord Nonprofit Tools

With your input, your organization will receive a score in each key area along with an overall score. Based on those results, OneAccord will offer initial recommendations in each area with an overall synopsis, including actionable insights to navigate the path ahead, avoiding the drawbacks and maximizing the opportunities. The RADAR Scan is an indispensable process for the long-term health of any organization. .

You will receive the results report at the end of the survey by email. The you can discuss your results with a OneAccord Principal. The process is confidential.

Get Started with RADAR | OneAccord Nonprofit Tools

The RADAR™ Quick Scan online assessment tool is a 49-question survey that provides you with a snapshot into the seven key areas of your organization’s effectiveness. The RADAR™ Quick Scan includes:

  • An internal assessment of the organization
  • A thorough analysis of the data & results report
  • An action plan overview
  • A consultation with strategic recommendations for next steps

Ready to begin your RADAR scan? Contact us today and one of our Principals will reach out with more information.

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