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Everett, WA

Engagement Summary

Paragon Manufacturing creates precision parts, such as cable harnesses and box builds, for the aerospace and medical industries.

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Business Situation

The company was experiencing a downward slide in revenues. The owner wanted to stop the slide and grow the business, so he reached out to OneAccord on the advice of one of his trusted advisors.

OneAccord Solution

Our initial assessment flagged issues within the company regarding personnel. Some of the right people weren't on the bus yet, while some of those already in the company weren't sitting in the right seats.

OneAccord provided interim leadership in the role of chief operating officer. In this capacity we were able to help mold the sales and operating processes to create repeatability and growth. Working with tight budgets, we were able to help implement these processes to create better on-time delivery and quality, which led to higher revenues and growing profit.  

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When we initially engaged with the organization, it was in a downward slide in terms of revenue. After getting the right people in the right seats and refining the sales and operating processes, Paragon was able to more than double its revenues.

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