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San Mateo, CA

Engagement Summary

OneAccord's Jim Kodjababian helped the investor-owned healthcare company, Opya, select and implement revenue cycle software that led to steady monthly cashflow and trackable results while reducing time in accounts receivable. 


Business Situation

Opya is a healthcare company located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. They have three clinic locations in the region which offer combined behavioral and occupational care to children with autism. 

Opya sustained particular revenue cycle performance challenges due to an affiliation with multiple outsourced vendors with a limited software platform. This challenge impeded the organization's cashflow and growth. 

OneAccord Solution

Jim conducted a focused effort to assess and develop a go-forward revenue cycle solution that would serve the organization well as it prepared for its next round of financing and expansion.

The process consisted of four stages: assessing the situation, developing a preferred alternative, selecting the appropriate vendor and implementing the selected solution.

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Based on the engagement, Opya selected and implemented a new system and vendor to support revenue cycle activities. This led to steady monthly cashflow and trackable results linked to specific clients. It also reduced the days in accounts receivable by 32 days over the course of six months.