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Deep Dives

In a Deep Dive, a panel of experienced executives help a business leader rapidly assess the resources and team they currently have to determine the capacity of their management team and operations. The panel then identifies practical and tactical solutions the business leader can immediately implement. 


The Timothy Initiative

March 2021 | As the CEO of The Timothy Initiative, Dr. Jared Nelms provides direction and vision to nonprofit's global church planting strategy. His goal is to scale the organization to $50 million without compromising its healthy culture.


Surface Experts

Jacob Grady, the CEO of Surface Experts, works with franchise owners to achieve their goals and build their businesses. His goal is to grow five-fold in the next five years.


Electric Pen

John Pletsch is the president and founder of Electric Pen. His goal is to increase deal flow for his Seattle-based graphic design and marketing agency.




Vaccination: The Legal Implications for Employers

February 2021 | Our expert panel outlines what business owners and leaders need to know about vaccinations in the workplace



WiLD Leaders: Developing Successors

April 2021 | A conversation about the importance and challenges of succession, and building a culture that prepares the right people for the right seats.


Special Events


The Value Of Community

Jeff Rogers, co-founder of OneAccord, sat down with Austin Schneider from Brandtegic and Jonathan Vossler of Vossler Media Group to discuss the importance of creating connections and conversation with like-minded peers.



Value Of Community Followup: Q&A

Our conversation with Jeff Rogers, Austin Schnider and Jonathan Vossler elicited more questions from the audience than they had time to address, so they returned to focus exclusively on those remaining questions.


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