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OneAccord's New Website is Live!

OneAccord's new website is live in living color at We launched this new site to reflect our current service offering: One company that can build value in, sell or buy a business. But to understand why we do three things — and how we do all three well — you have to understand how we got here.

Once Upon a Time

In 2005, Jeff Rogers founded OneAccord with the vision of helping business owners build value in their organization. He believed that by bringing together best-in-class business owners and operators, OneAccord could not only help owners uncover issues and create a strategy for overcoming them, but could actually walk alongside the owner to help them realize that value.

For 12 years, we did just that. Our team of Principals grew, as did our network. We added more specific services to address the unique needs of each client.

And then one day, we had a revelation.

This client came to us hoping to build the value of their business. They had entertained the thought of selling and even received an offer, but it was less than ideal. We worked on the business and less than two years later it sold for four times the initial offer – to the same buyer. This was when we realized just how many owners were getting ready to sell. Most of them were baby boomers who wanted to move on to a new season with their families, but only if they found a buyer who cared about their employees, vendors, clients — their legacy. We could help grow the business, sure, but where were all of these boomers going to find the right buyer?

Solomons Fund was born. This group of investors decided they could buy businesses with high earning potential at a fair price with the determination to preserve the owners’ legacies. That would free owners to pursue life after business with the peace of mind that would come from knowing their employees, clients and communities were in good hands. The investors could then utilize the talents of OneAccord to build the businesses over time and eventually sell for a profit. It was win-win.

A new team formed within OneAccord to focus on searching for businesses that would fit the requirements of Solomons Fund. This team represented a new business, which we christened OneAccord Capital. As the Capital team sorted through organizations for sale, we quickly saw another pressing need — quality advisors to represent the sellers.

Greater Service Through Expertise

The majority of owners we met with were representing themselves in the sale of their business. They had a lot of questions, usually some form of, “Is this normal?” because they had never been through the transition process before. They were experts in running a business, but they found selling was a completely different experience.

A privately held company is often both the most significant asset of a family and their legacy all rolled into one. It makes sense to have an expert in optimizing its value steward the transition process.

The Capital team had all sold businesses before. We knew what to expect, what was normal and what to do to help owners get to — and through — a transaction. And as buyers, we knew what buyers wanted in a potential acquisition.

Recognizing a real need for high-quality advisors, and the lack of experts who wanted to work with small businesses, we determined to serve these owners the best way we could. The Capital team became the M&A advisors of OneAccord.

Which brings us to today. OneAccord’s three specialized teams now form a three-legged stool and bring a unique perspective to the small business market. Rather than only trying to consult, sell or buy, we recognize the right question for a business owner is, “Where do you want to be in five years?” Then we can have a real conversation about how we might help an owner achieve their goals.

One team helps owners build long-term value in their business. The next takes the stress and complication out of selling a business by serving as advisors. The third buys businesses and preserves the legacies of their former owners. And to reflect the synergy of our different specialties, they all operate under the one name that started it all: OneAccord.

Enjoy the new website. Take a look around, and if you have comments or questions, drop us a line.

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