September 2017


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  • Our Third Solomons Fund Acquisition: FarWest Fabricators
  • Guest Writer Dave Krygier on testing the success of your content
  • Meet OneAccord Partners' New Principals

Solomons Fund Acquires FarWest Fabricators

Vector - FarWest

Solomons Fund recently announced the acquisition of Yakima’s FarWest Fabricators Inc., its latest investment in high-potential, successful, privately held companies throughout the Pacific Northwest.

FarWest Fabricators makes metal parts to exacting standards for a wide range of industries. It has earned a stellar reputation for customer service, quality and integrity since its founding in 1983 by Gary Carter, whose son Jeff has led the company since 1993.

“FarWest Fabricators is a great company today and a model for business success based on values,” said Scott Smith, co-founder and chief executive officer of Solomons Fund, who himself brings many years of senior leadership in the metal fabrication industry. “They are an excellent fit for Solomons Fund. We believe we have the right operational experience and resources to help FarWest Fabricators grow, and we are excited to get going.”

“Scott and the rest of the Solomons Fund team demonstrated to me they understand who we are. They care about legacy, and they have the conviction and know-how to take FarWest to the next level,” said Jeff Carter, who remains at FarWest Fabricators as a shareholder, advisor and board member. “I’m convinced they share our principles, vision and commitment to our customers, employees and community.”

In the weeks to come, we will be publishing the full narrative of the acquisition journey. In the meantime, you can read the full press release here.


Testing, Measuring and Tracking Your Way to Success with Content

By Dave Krygier, Guest Writer


Dave-Krygier-Headshot-389px“Why guess when you can test with content?” When you publish a piece of content, the only way to understand which elements are and are not working is to test. Testing in this context means comparing one version of your content against another to determine what engages your audience and yields better results for your brand.

Testing has grown easier over the years. In this day of the internet you can test just about everything, including articles, blog posts, landing pages, emails and even audio files. As of this writing, Google, Facebook and YouTube are still the fastest tools for testing content. You can test your content within hours and the results can be eye opening and even jaw dropping.

Now let’s dig into how you can test your content.

Read the full post here


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OneAccord Welcomes Two New Principals


GasperGasper Gulotta

Gasper Gulotta is a dynamic business executive. He is known for helping companies open new markets, accelerate growth and improve ROI by establishing a challenging vision in attractive markets, building a consensus and establishing enterprise-wide commitment to its success. A West Point graduate, Gasper possesses the rigor and discipline to develop tomorrow’s leaders and open new markets to consistently deliver superior results.

Learn more about Gasper


Ron-BromfieldRon Bromfield

Ron Bromfield offers his clients 30 years of management leadership. He has demonstrated his ability to take command and control of companies in need of immediate leadership and operational stability. As a president and CEO, he has worked to quickly align the interests of employees with the needs of the enterprise. Alongside senior management, Ron has rapidly created the near-term financial objectives and ultimately transitioned companies from teetering on the brink to orderly, sustainable enterprises.

The Case for Corporate Culture


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What a Successful Turnaround Looks Like

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