May 2018


In This Issue
  • We Welcome Four New Principals to the Team:
    • John Steckler
    • Jim Kodjababian
    • Keith Hartlage
    • John Solheim
  • OneAccord Marks a New Season with the Launch of Our New Website
  • OneAccord Principal Gasper Gulotta Links Accountability to Freedom — and Results

OneAccord Welcomes New Principals

The OneAccord team continues to grow! We are pleased to announce the addition of four exceptionally talented Principals.

"With the addition of great team members and the synergy that exists within OneAccord, we are encouraged to serve more private businesses in the Pacific Northwest business community," said OneAccord Founder Jeff Rogers.

Meet the latest additions to the team:


John StecklerJohn Steckler Photo

John brings more than 20 years of management experience to OneAccord. Prior to joining the team, he served as senior vice president of growth and strategic development at Zenith American Solutions, where he was responsible for marketing, sales, product development and customer service.

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Jim KodjababianJim Kodjababian


Jim is an expert business builder and operational game changer who specializes in driving healthcare organizations to new levels of financial performance. He gained his leadership experience over more than 25 years through various operational/strategic executive roles for a variety of leading industry organizations.

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Keith Hartlage HeadshotKeith Hartlage

Keith has over 30 years of leadership in the aerospace and defense market with experience in both small and large companies. He has excelled as a growth catalyst in business development, strategic development, P&L ownership and both sales and M&A leadership. 

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John SolheimJohn Solheim

John has over 25 years' experience in manufacturing and operations leadership. He began his career at Motorola Semiconductor and went on to lead operations in small and large global enterprises. He excels in operational improvements including LEAN, Six Sigma and Kaizen.

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OneAccord's New Website Is Live

OneAccord's new website is live in living color at OneAccord.co. We launched this new site to reflect our current service offering: One company that can build value in, sell or buy a business.

But to understand why we do three things — and how we do all three well — you have to understand how we got here.

In 2005, Jeff Rogers founded OneAccord with the vision of helping business owners build value in their organization. He believed that by bringing together best-in-class business owners and operators, OneAccord could not only help owners uncover issues and create a strategy for overcoming them, but could actually walk alongside the owner to help them realize that value. For 12 years, we did just that. Our team of Principals grew, as did our network. We added more specific services to address the unique needs of each client.

And then one day, we had a revelation.

This client came to us hoping to build the value of their business. They had entertained the thought of selling and even received an offer, but it was less than ideal. We worked on the business and less than two years later it sold for four times the initial offer – to the same buyer.

This was when we realized just how many owners were getting ready to sell. Most of them were baby boomers who wanted to move on to a new season with their families, but only if they found a buyer who cared about their employees, vendors, clients — their legacy. We could help grow the business, sure, but where were all of these boomers going to find the right buyer?

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Accountability Improves Performance

By Gasper Gulotta, OneAccord Principal


Accountability. The word conjures up a range of emotions in most people — from insecurity to downright fear. It’s not easy being held accountable.

But in our consulting practice, we firmly believe that accountability actually brings freedom.

How does that work?

Corporate leaders at all levels find themselves at times in situations that represent new territory for them. “I’ve never lived through a merger.” “I’ve never laid off staff before.” “My team isn’t aligned and I need to do something — but what?”

Whatever the situation, most of us will come to events and crises in our lives where fear threatens to intimidate us and hold us back.

In times of uncertainty, we may consider getting help from someone who has been there — someone who has run a big company, or has been through a merger or a layoff.

Without a doubt, the thought of change can stop us from acting. All the what-ifs start running through our minds and we tend to visualize the worst case scenario. The truth is, the worst case only happens if we do nothing along the way.

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Keep Brand Value on Top During Change

How to Keep Brand Value on Top During Change

By Dr. Randal Dick
OneAccord Nonprofit Principal

Periods of change are necessary for any thriving organization, but change is a very real threat to the equity you’ve built in your brand. You’ve worked long and hard to build a brand people know and trust — when the time comes to institute a major transition, preserving it is paramount.

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Duty of Care: Your IP and Data Protection

how leaders make good things happen

By Dr. Randal Dick
OneAccord Nonprofit Principal

Nonprofits and small businesses may feel like low-risk targets, but this is not true. Most cyber attacks are carried out by machines that do not know — or care — who they are attacking. Once the machines locate a breach, that's when the humans get involved and evaluate.

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In Matters of Promotion, Timing Matters

in promotion timing matters

By Andrew Ballard
Guest Writer

Properly timing your promotion is vital to producing a positive return on your marketing investment. Reaching the right market with the right message through the right media at the wrong moment won't generate sales. Time your promotions to purchasing patterns of your target market.

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