June 2017


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  • OneAccord Capital's Second Solomons Fund Acquisition
  • Guest Writer Gregg Makuch on How to Measure Marketing Effectiveness
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OneAccord Capital Announces Acquisition of Bestworth-Rommel


 Last month, Solomons Fund, the investment branch of OneAccord Capital, officially closed on its second acquisition: Bestworth-Rommel, Inc.

Bestworth builds and installs canopies, wall panel systems and other products for the petroleum, retail and commercial markets across the Western United States. Founders Dan and Cathe Rommel started the business in their garage in 1983 and earned a reputation over the years as they grew for hard work and unparalleled integrity.

"Bestworth-Rommel has built a reputation for quality and service that is unmatched in its industry, operating by the same principles of stewardship we try to apply at OneAccord," said Scott Smith, co-founder and chief executive officer of OneAccord Capital.

OneAccord Principal Mike Eskridge has taken the reigns as Bestworth’s president. His many years of experience as a senior executive in manufacturing made him an obvious choice to guide Bestworth into its next chapter, a chapter which will include expanding into new markets. Mike with be working alongside Charlie LaNasa, who bought the business from the Rommels in 2001 and is staying on as a shareholder, advisor and board member.

"We've had suitors before, but OneAccord Capital is the first investment group who I thought could get it, who could understand that Bestworth is special," said LaNasa.

Eskridge and his team are committed to building value and growing the business over the course of the next ten years while preserving the Rommel legacy that has served every Bestworth employee, vendor and customer as well as the Arlington community for more than 30 years.

In the weeks to come, we will be publishing the full narrative of the acquisition journey. In the meantime, you can read the full press release here.


How to Measure the Effectiveness of Marketing

By Contributing Writer Gregg Makuch
Gregg-Makuch-Mug-228x300I used to hear, “I know half of my advertising/marketing spend is wasted. I just don’t know which half.” Those days are long gone. They’re a remnant of the pre-digital world, and often referred to traditional media campaigns such as TV, radio or print. The good news is marketing isn’t an art anymore. It’s a science.

The metrics and analytics have never been better for marketers and executives in the digital world. It’s important to note your marketing strategy and tactics must be directly linked to your metrics and analytics. With these measurements in place, you can optimize and make adjustments to improve the performance of your KPIs (key performance indicators).

So what are some key metrics you should be looking at to gauge effectiveness? I always start with the big three: traffic, leads and sales. There are plenty of key supporting metrics to give insight on how we’re doing on these three...

Read the full post here.

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Insist on a Detailed Letter of Intentletter-of-intent

A good letter of intent, or LOI, should be something your attorneys can easily understand and incorporate into the purchase and sale agreement (PSA) without having to negotiate any business terms. If a buyer says “Let’s leave that vague for now and we’ll refine it in the PSA,” be very cautious. 

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Good Reads for the Business Ownergood reads may 2017

Your marketing mix will always be unique to your business and your customers. If your ideal clients are spending time on one or more social platforms, it is worth the effort to make your presence known on those platforms. While technology is rapidly changing, the underlying principles that will guide your marketing efforts are not.  

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2017 Trends in Mergers & AcquisitionsM&A

The Deal and Donnelley Financial Solutions recently broadcast “The State of Private Equity: Current Trends and Outlook,” a panel discussion on the current state and future trajectory of transactions among private equity firms.This is part one of an overview of the hour-long discussion, which is available from The Deal. 

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