December 2018


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  • Solomons Fund Acquires Pacific Refrigeration LLC.
  • OneAccord Welcomes Tim MacDonald to the Team
  • Ann Amati Explains How to Get Game-Changing Customer Feedback
  • More Resources for Busy Business Leaders


Pacific Refrigeration Acquired by Solomons Fund

Solomons Fund has acquired Fife-based Pacific Refrigeration LLC., its fifth in a series of investments in high-potential, privately held companies throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Founded in 2012, Pacific Refrigeration focuses on commercial refrigeration services such as walk-in fridges and air conditioning, as well as heating, HVAC and electrical services. Founder Alex Sokirkin spent the last two years growing his technician team, which led to substantial growth. When he decided several months ago to sell the business, he sought out a buyer who would continue that growth. 

Sokirkin met with several potential buyers and determined Solomons Fund was a good fit because of their long-term approach to investing in a business.

“They want to hold on for a long time and grow it and go from there, not just buy and flip,” he said.

To lead Pacific Refrigeration forward, OneAccord Principal John Solheim has stepped into the role of CEO. He is managing the transition alongside Sokirkin, who is still an investor and will continue to be a strong partner through the transition and long-term.  

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OneAccord Welcomes New Principal: Tim MacDonald

Tim Macdonald-2OneAccord is proud to announce the arrival of Tim MacDonald, a visionary who brings with him more than 25 years of senior management experience.

"OneAccord is thrilled to have Tim join the team," said OneAccord chairman and founder Jeff Rogers. "Tim has a unique perspective in understanding both domestic and international business."

Tim has served in small, medium and global companies in a number of roles (president, vice president of sales, vice president of operations). He started his own business, Chrysalis, in China, partnering with multinational corporations  in the areas of supply chain, operational excellence and distribution across a variety of sectors including chemical, automotive and fast-moving consumer goods. His clients include Bosch, Cargill and Coca-Cola.

“I am so grateful to join the OneAccord team," said Tim. "Never in my career have I been surrounded by such a stellar team of professionals that thrive on doing the right thing, for the right reasons, for the right people — our clients!"

"At the core, Tim is a values-based leader operating from core principles that guide his leadership," added Jeff.

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Featured Post

Customer Feedback that Produces 'Aha' Moments

Ann Amati

By Ann Amati, Guest Writer

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think customer feedback is customer survey. While a checkbox survey will give you data, it’s not the right approach for a company that manages only a few (or a few dozen) important relationships per year.

Interviews Succeed Where Surveys Fail

Checkbox surveys are designed to produce findings that are easy to analyze. Unfortunately, people hate surveys. It can happen that the customers with the most useful insights aren’t the ones who’ll complete a checkbox survey.

For most construction-related companies, a few customers determine how successful your company will be this year. Therefore, it’s much smarter to reach out to important customers one-on-one. You want to learn how they view you and your competitive landscape. You also want to know what their current business priorities are.

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The 4 Best Ways to Give Praise

By Mike Seifert 
Guest Writer

The Four Best Ways to Give Praise3

You’re proud of your team. You want them to feel appreciated. But as leaders, some of us just don’t know how to really let them know that.

In fact, it can be rather hard to praise someone at the best time and also make it feel genuine. Here are four ways to do it right.

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The Attractive Volunteer Culture

By Dr. Randal Dick
OneAccord Nonprofit Principal


A woman working for as a volunteer in a nonprofit organization wrote to me saying some of the behaviors she observed were what she would describe as bullying and harassment of volunteers. Here are four practical things to consider as you think about shaping the culture of your organization.

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Your Employees, Insurance & Uber

By Laura Walton
Guest Writer


With the allure of more cost-efficient travel from the sharing economy, many businesses like the idea of using Uber instead of more traditional car services.

If you're going to consider using Uber as a ride service for your company, you need to understand the exposure. This starts with the drivers.

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