December 2016 


odoreJohn O'Dore Joins OneAccord as Principal and Managing Director


OneAccord Capital is proud to announce the addition of John O’Dore to the OAC team. As a Principal and Managing Director, John will head the firm’s sell-side M&A advisory services and represent clients in the sale or recapitalization of their business alongside Managing Director Ed Kirk.

John brings more than two decades of experience advising business owners and shareholders with leading investment banking firms such as Seattle-based Meridian Capital and global investment banking firms Credit Suisse First Boston, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America. He decided to join the OneAccord team after several years of working with the firm and seeing its commitment to clients firsthand.

“I have always been impressed with this company built on values, integrity and commitment to its clients,” he said. “A lot of companies talk about being built on values and integrity, but OneAccord really lives it.”  

John was also drawn to the fact that OneAccord Capital is focused exclusively on the lower middle market (companies with EBTIDA ranging from $500,000 to $2 million), a corner of the business world overlooked by most M&A firms. When these businesses transition, there is tremendous value to be lost or gained. Unprepared business owners can be caught off guard and cornered into a decision which costs them, their families and their communities millions. John would rather help these owners maximize the value of their business and reap the rewards from years of hard work. With OneAccord this could involve operational experts from OneAccord Partners to grow the business, M&A specialists from OAC to help advise on a sale or even a potential capital partner from Solomons Fund.

“A lot of companies talk about being built on values and integrity, but OneAccord really lives it.” 

 “I joined OneAccord because there’s nobody in the market that offers this unique value proposition of operational expertise and the ability to commit capital on the Solomons Fund side—these are remarkable differentiators.” 

 John is a Seattle native who in 2010 returned from more than 20 years of living abroad in Asia, where he picked up two Chinese dialects. He is a graduate of Seattle University's Albers School of Business, an Albers Alumni Board Member, a Board Member of Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), Seattle Chapter and an optimistic Mariners fan hopefully looking forward to a 2017 World Series miracle.



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Anonymous Guy

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