August 2018


In This Issue
  • OneAccord's capital advisory team successfully transitions Pacific Code and Label
  • OneAccord announces six new team members:
    • Matt Childs, Business Development
    • Nick Barbarick, Analyst
    • Tina Schaaf, Principal
    • David Voeller, Principal
    • Robert Linder, Principal
    • Zane Geel, Principal
  • Our guest author, Keith Ferrin, on emails that get a response
  • More resources for busy business leaders


Pacific Code and Label: Another Successful Transition for OneAccord

For 23 years, Pacific Code and Label has distributed labels, printers, ink and other items for labeling, primarily to the Northwest’s packaging industry. It was purchased by Yakima-based Graphic Label Inc. (GLI), which provides similar services to fruit and produce growers/packers in the greater Pacific Northwest and California.

“PCL was such a good fit for GLI to acquire, because we want to maintain our core business in the fruit and vegetable markets, however we want to grow into other areas as well,” said Brian Koenig, GLI president.

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For more than a decade, OneAccord has helped owners grow value in their businesses. Now, our capital advisory services team can help owners prepare for a successful exit. If you know of someone considering the future of their business, send them our way.



OneAccord Welcomes Six New Team Members

We are proud to introduce the latest additions to our teams at OneAccord:

Matt Childs, Business Development

Matt Childs

Matt recently joined OneAccord's capital advisory services team, where he will serve in the role of business development.

Matt is a proven leader who understands how to drive revenue. His strong work ethic was developed as an officer for the U.S. Army, which taught him to be a selfless servant to those he managed. 

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Nick Barbarick, Analyst

Nick Barbarick Headshot

Nick has a combined three years of experience in various roles and internships in economic research, equity analysis, M&A advisory and private equity. He interned at the Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council performing research, updating economic studies and learning about economic forecasting methods. Nick interned at OneAccord, providing research and financial analysis in M&A advisory and private equity.

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Tina Schaaf, PrincipalTina Schaff-Color

Tina has more than 20 years of leadership experience and is known for driving growth through sound guidance and strategies to achieve optimal success across multiple industries around the world. She developed a proprietary hiring process that led to 98.7 percent of hires remaining in their position for more than a year — four times the typical recruiter guarantee.

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Dave Voeller, Principal

David Voeller

Dave has spent the last 30 years driving development of strategic new products, leading sales and income growth, and instituting operational excellence across multiple industrial sectors and geographies. His experience base includes senior marketing and sales roles in commercial aviation in Asia, leading the turnaround of a Seattle-based manufacturer with global brands and distribution, and more.

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Robert Linder, Principal

Robert Linder Color

Robert uses strategic vision and a wealth of business experience to map out actionable activities to increase revenue and profitability. He has over 30 years of experience in sales and 15 in operations. He is able to dive deep to uncover issues and barriers that are keeping a company from growth and success, ultimately crafting a tactical plan to help them achieve their goals. 

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Zane Geel, Principal

Zane Geel

Zane has more than 30 years of experience as the owner and CEO of a residential construction company in Seattle. He has also served as vice president of manufacturing, general manager and plant manager for several companies. Zane has functioned as director of engineering for several companies responsible for new product design and introduction in to manufacturing.

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Featured Post

How to Write Email that Gets Read — and Responded To

Keith Ferrin CircleBy Keith Ferrin, Guest Author


Email is, quite possibly, the most universal workplace frustration. Nearly everyone has to engage with email to some extent. Nearly everyone feels like it is a time vacuum. 

That’s because email might be the where the “content is king” myth wreaks the most havoc. Here’s the truth that overcomes the myth: Content is not king. Purpose is king. Content is the peasant that serves the king.

Too many emails have too much content. Too many emails have no purpose, or the purpose is hidden under a dumpster truck of information. Or they are simply forwarded with “FYI … ” as the first and only line. (If you do that, stop. I beg you.)

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Are You Addicted to Adrenaline?

By Dr. Randal Dick 
Nonprofit Principal

are you addicvted to adrenaline

Dr. Harvey Milkman of the Metropolitan State College in Denver says, “You are addicted if you cannot control when you start or stop an activity.” This post is about a potentially deadly form of addiction that is endemic in the marketplace — the addiction to our own adrenaline.

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Handling Scapegoating

By Mark L. Vincent
Guest Writer


A natural part of managing unexpected (pervasive and adaptive) changes is pointing at others as the cause of anxiety that a person or a system feels. This is especially true in environments where people trade on their reputation for excellence, competence and accomplishments.

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Stay Connected — and Secure

By Hiram Machado
Guest Writer

Microsoft’s Approach to Enhancing Interactions

It's hard to imagine a modern workplace without mobile devices to enhance work streams to allow employees, partners and clients to collaborate efficiently. Since more than 80 percent of data breaches can be traced to credentials theft, it only makes sense to put effort into protecting identities.

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