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Meet Our New Nonprofit Principal:

Jonathan Harkless

Jonathan Harkless

Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur who recently returned to his native Seattle. He was thinking of buying a business when the possibility of joining OneAccord came up. He had been acquainted with Jeff Rogers for several months and, after speaking with him, decided to join the team.

“I really liked the model of OneAccord," said Jonathan. "When you’re working together with people who have strengths in areas you don’t, you can be more productive. It’s a much better arrangement.”

Jonathan enjoys helping business owners grow their revenue — and he’s good at it. During his time in Dallas, he created a strategic plan for a business that led to 369 percent growth in 10 months. He especially enjoys helping business owners in established industries innovate and aggressively move forward.

Jonathan is industry agnostic, because he has found the underlying principles of business apply across the board. He has a firm grasp on sales, operation and finance, and his experience spans early-stage production, invention, IP and more. He also has a talent for early-stage product brand strategy development.

Jonathan considers trust foundational to success.

“Trust is fundamental to business, with customers or internally within the company,” he said. “I believe the success of an organization is built on its people’s ability to build and follow through on trusting relationships. And yet the fundamental context by which people face life is one of distrust, which puts us all in a place of needing to build trust with our customers and the people with whom we work.”

Learn more about Jonathan's professional experience and education here. You can contact him directly at (206) 714-2852 or

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